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men's jeans

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IamSantaClaus Tue 17-Nov-15 22:48:24

Does anyone know where I can buy nice men's jeans ? Dh wears a lot of all saints ones which now seem to be falling apart . I'd like to get him some for Christmas but don't really know where to start.

ItGoesWithoutSaying Wed 18-Nov-15 08:28:59

Difficult. My DH prefers Urban Outfitters for jeans - but can be particular about the fit and style. Mes's jeans sizing seems to be as random as women's - he'll always try them on as a 30" in one make can be bigger than a 32" in another.

Check what he has at the moment and but the same? Or ask him?

IamSantaClaus Wed 18-Nov-15 08:59:39

Oh I'll have a look at urban outfitters maybe . All of his jeans at the moment are from all saints and they just seem to go into holes so easily . I live all saints clothes but I'm not sure the quality is great . Yes you're right about the sizing confused

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