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I have just embarked...

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HandMini Tue 17-Nov-15 22:47:39

On a Caroline Hirons style "routine" for the first time ever. My skin is a spotty, lined mess so am hoping this will take it somewhere better.

Used Una Brennan Superfacialist oil for first cleanse, Emma Hardie cleansing balm for second cleanse, Nip + Fab glycolic pads and Dragons Blood serum, then Balance Me rose moisturiser.

The moisturiser is quite heavy and thick but everything else felt v nice to use and apply.

I feel like a fully fledged S&Ber now!


HandMini Tue 17-Nov-15 22:49:23

Oh and my question is, does the above routine sound ok for spotty skin PM?

For AM I was going to drop the first oil cleanse and also want to get a lighter toner (not sure my skin should have too much acid, never having used it before) and a lighter moisturiser.

mintbiscuit Wed 18-Nov-15 09:31:14

I only recently discovered CH recently from this forum. I'd been following the routine loosely anyway from other info on net but decided to up my game a few weeks ago.

I would consider adding in a bha and a retinol into your routine at some point. The bha will help with spots and retinol with lines.

Not sure if the emma hardie balm should be a first cleanser? Haven't used it so not sure. The main purpose of the toner is to adjust your skin ph down from the cleanser. I'm using pixi glow tonic at the moment which is 5% glycolic but glycolic needs to be at a lower ph to exfoliate (pixi is at ph 5) so it's really gentle. It's nice but not worth the price tag imo.

For AM don't forget your spf! Otherwise all that hard work will go to waste.

If you really want to find out more about routines, when to apply products etc have a read through the beauty blogs and forums on asian/korean beauty. They are serious about their skincare and very informative. There is a thread on this forum (think it's up to #5 now!) on Korean skincare. Be warned though - it is seriously addictive stuff! Your bank balance will not thank you.

Nabootique Wed 18-Nov-15 09:43:46

Balm first, then oil, although if you are spot prone you might want to consider a clay cleanser like REN as your second cleanse, or at least something lighter than an oil. I have both the balm and the oil and they are both first cleanse for me.

Agree with mint that BHA would be better for your skin type (glycolic in the Nip+Fab pads is AHA). Nip+Fab Dragons Blood pads are salicylic, or La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Lotion. None of those are strong in acid content.

I think that moisturiser is too rich. Check out La Roche Posay for great affordable ones for oilier skin. I'm using this at the moment as my day moisturiser and really enjoying it.

HandMini Thu 19-Nov-15 19:09:50

Thank you both. Great recommendations. And cheaper than I thought I'd have to pay too. Great advice re BHAs. I clearly haven't been reading enough CH as I hadn't heard of BHAs, only AHAs.

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