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Schuh Galaxy boots. They're outta this world !

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BrendaandEddie Tue 17-Nov-15 22:00:26

See what I did there. I had some Chelsea boots but I couldn't work out what to do with my jeans with them, so I will sell them on eBay. Been all these arrived. They are much better

BrendaandEddie Tue 17-Nov-15 22:00:48

Then. Sorry. Did lazy girl dictating.

BrendaandEddie Tue 17-Nov-15 22:16:20


MelanieCheeks Tue 17-Nov-15 22:45:12

Ooh they're nice!

DonkeyOaty Tue 17-Nov-15 22:59:41

Hmm maybe I likey. Is the sole cleated or smooth? I need a bit of grip nowadays <hands self a grip>

SuckingEggs Tue 17-Nov-15 23:14:27

Eighth pic shows a smooth sole.

They are nice. I suppose you could get a grippy sole put on? I often do that with smooth or slippy shoes.

DonkeyOaty Tue 17-Nov-15 23:21:55

Oh sorry had missed the pic slides how thingy blush

Thank you!

DonkeyOaty Tue 17-Nov-15 23:23:10


<throws sooper dooper new phone away in disgust>

BrendaandEddie Wed 18-Nov-15 00:03:00

I like that they aren't too high up the ankle. Plus I have skinny feet and legs. Many an ankle boot looks like a welly

alwaysalaughtobehad Wed 18-Nov-15 15:38:36

Hmm can you tuck your skinny jeans into them? Picture 4 looks a bit weird imo? Otherwise they look great!

BrendaandEddie Wed 18-Nov-15 17:42:01

i never ever tuck skinnies in

BrendaandEddie Wed 18-Nov-15 17:42:48

and no, they are too low,

the last pic is how to wear them

DonkeyOaty Wed 18-Nov-15 22:42:09

Popped in store to have a gander, they are really neat boots. Can't QUITE justify buying 'em atm. Hmmmmmm.

BrendaandEddie Thu 19-Nov-15 07:42:11

agree neat. Inoffensive. Yet mate clocked them straight away when I had them on.
Plus moving away from that style everyone has. The topshop clone

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