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Tunic/longer gym tops

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fatpony Tue 17-Nov-15 08:47:25

Need some new gym kit so tried on some Gap leggings/tights the other day. All lovely except some are a bit transparent - all are clingy around the bum around and I only have normal t shirt style gym tops! Just couldn't wear the tights style with a normal hip length top.

Does anyone know where to get the slightly longer tunic style tops? I've seen a few people in the gym wearing them with their running tights, they're longer and have a big gap style around the arms so you can see the sports bra a bit.


BestBeforeDate Tue 17-Nov-15 08:50:29

Not specific gym gear, but I have long tops from Hush which are great for yoga as they keep my bum covered whatever.

BestBeforeDate Tue 17-Nov-15 08:52:11


fatpony Tue 17-Nov-15 09:01:51

Thanks, will check those. There must be something around because some of the Gap leggings were v transparent on the bum, not just knicker line but you can see the actual knickers themselves.

Madblondedog Tue 17-Nov-15 09:13:17

H&M do nice long tank tops, I often wear one of those over my leggings as I like my bum covered and then wear a baggier top over that

carrie74 Tue 17-Nov-15 09:34:26

I've got quite a long vest from Gap Fit itself, but I find it quite tricky to get longer tops (plus when you're bending over lifting stuff or whatever in the gym, the tops ride up anyway). I have found though that if you shop the GapFit leggings carefully, some are fully opaque (and at their price point they were the best I found - and I spent a LOT of time bending over in changing rooms and scrutinising my bottom).

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