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How to avoid panda eyes?

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29PaddingtonSt Sun 15-Nov-15 20:40:56

I have recently started wearing make up regularly after deciding I needed to smarten up. However, I'm not sure where I'm going wrong with my eye make up. It goes on fine but very quickly I end up with smudges under my eyes. I'm not sure whether it's from my mascara or eye liner. I'm not rubbing my eyes but look like a panda! Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent it? Is it just the products I'm using?

Carpaccio Sun 15-Nov-15 21:01:39

If it's your mascara, maybe try a tubing mascara or a waterproof mascara?

I personally get panda eyes when wearing normal and waterproof mascara, but tubing mascara doesn't cause me any issues. My mum has the same problem and I recently gave her a tubing mascara and she's loving it.
I really like Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara - the one with the gold lid. L'Oreal Beauty Tubes (red and white double ended tube) is also good, although I don't bother with the white primer bit very often. There are loads of tubing mascaras on the market now, Clinique and Boots No7 also have some.

If it's your eyeliner, maybe you'll find that a gel liner, such as this one: will work better?

Kennington Sun 15-Nov-15 21:13:30

Agree with carpaccio - no7 gold tube mascara doesn't smudge and there are always discounts.
Plus an eyelid primer. Dior or smash box or urban decay. Stops the eyeliner bleeding out.

29PaddingtonSt Mon 16-Nov-15 11:09:45

Thank you very much for the advice. I had to google tubing mascara as had no idea what it was! Carpaccio - how easy is that gel eyeliner to apply? I am not great at applying makeup and want to avoid looking like a clown!

Carpaccio Mon 16-Nov-15 11:34:05

Gel liner takes some getting used to if you're not used to using a brush. The one I linked to comes with a pretty decent brush, but there are many eyeliner brushes on the market so you should be able to find one you like. A lot of people prefer an angled brush, I prefer a fine pointed eyeliner brush.
I find it easier using a brush than using a felt tip liner.

I don't know what you usually use, but I personally find that kohl pencils are terrible on me - they don't set and just smudge or run during the day. You can get eye pencils, such as from Urban Decay, that are supposed to set on the skin so it doesn't move, smudge or run during the day. I haven't tried them myself but they get great reviews online.

73dexter Mon 16-Nov-15 11:58:37

I only use eyeliner and mascara on my upper lids/lashes which means panda eyes are less likely.

WavingNotDrowning Mon 16-Nov-15 12:01:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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