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Nose piercing- can I have it done with a ring rather than stud?

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Beaverfever Sat 14-Nov-15 22:21:39

Only because I've heard it has to be done with astound but I'd like to get a ring straight away

LettuceLaughton Sat 14-Nov-15 22:27:15

You can but you really shouldn't. Any decent piercer won't want to do that. With a ring there's too much movement going on, it aggravates the wound and makes healing long and tough.

Best to just be a wee bit patient I'm afraid.

WidowWadman Sat 14-Nov-15 22:28:59

I got a ring straight away, any reputable piercer will use a needle which can be followed through with any type of jewellery.

Don't get it pierced using a gun (which is stud only), as it's bad practice, an infection control risk, traumatises tissue unnecessarily by forcing a blunt object through and really not used by anyone who knows what they're doing.

LettuceLaughton Sat 14-Nov-15 22:31:13

Oh hell, no, no gun! Do people still do that on noses?! Lobes is more than bad enough.

Bluecheese22 Sun 15-Nov-15 09:04:53

A stud is much better as it keeps the hole straight when the piercing heals and less chance of infection as you would be inclines to move the ring around, introducing germs into the newly pierced hole.

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