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Tie my hands. I want to do a Rapunzel.

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ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 21:47:30

Not long and swishy but like this.

I've always detested short hair. I spent years growing out a short bob. I have a big oval face. It would look pants. I still want to do it!

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 21:48:26

You mean a 'long pixie' grin

My Pinterest is full of them <enabler>

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 21:51:11

You likey?

Or this one?

Glitteryfrog Sat 14-Nov-15 21:52:12

Do it.
You want a graduated bob. Shorter at the back to just below chin length.

Cocolepew Sat 14-Nov-15 21:52:27

My pinterest hair board has over 1300 pictures of various length pixies.
<sits down on the enabler bench>

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 21:56:40

I don't like either of those. They look great on the models but would look horrendous on me.

I want a cute dude to give me a perfect 1-second haircut grin

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 22:06:51

This is low maintenance <whistles innocently> grin

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 22:07:34

Actually it probably is quite high maintenance, thinking about it.

I know what you mean, about haircuts looking great on models and rubbish on ordinary mortals sad

Cocolepew Sat 14-Nov-15 22:08:44

I love this

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:09:56

That's going a bit far.

I decided to take a few inches off, just to see whether that would fix the itch for now. I now have layers and a just-longer-than-shoulder-length bob.

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:11:25

Pixie cuts require quite a petite, angular face. I have neither. A choppy bob would be fab though.

poorbuthappy Sat 14-Nov-15 22:12:51

Pacific those 2 hair dos are enough to make me run to the hairdressers.
Alas they never fucking look like that on me. envy

twirlypoo Sat 14-Nov-15 22:13:34

You cut your own hair shock

I am going to regret saying this, seeing as you are clearly a woman of action, but do it! Do a cute shaggy hair cut thingy. (I really hope you know what you are doing!)

Cocolepew Sat 14-Nov-15 22:14:15

I have a slightly shorter version of the above atm, I'm trying to cut my dye out.
I have a big ole moon face and I'm gorgeous natch

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 22:14:43

Oh, wow, is that your hair?! shock

I am in awe <bows>

Diddlydokey Sat 14-Nov-15 22:14:59

Meg ryan...

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:15:32

Argh. I so want to see what it would look like but if it looks awful then it's too short to hide with a pony tail.

Cocolepew Sat 14-Nov-15 22:15:29

I cut my own hair too, its easy . You should do it too twirlypoo <poet>
<changes victim to enable>

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 22:15:36

And the right pixie can be very flattering.

She say, with her hair down her back <coward>

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:16:44

Ja, it's my hair. It's not the first time I've cut it.

twirlypoo Sat 14-Nov-15 22:18:49

I cut Ds hair once and, erm, it wasn't a success shall we say. I have also had several threads on here over the years where I've dyed my own hair and it's went a teeny bit wrong. I am totally in awe of those with the hair transforming powers, but alas, I am not in possession of them. And for that reason coco im out.... I would be buying myself a hat otherwise grin

PacificDogwod Sat 14-Nov-15 22:26:18

I've cut my own fringe once.
It too was not a success (love the understatement grin)
I told the hairdresser that DS4(3 at the time) had done it - she laughed and did not believe me. She said that 3yo's may cut their own hair but not their mother's without mum noticing grin
She had a point there blush

She fixed it though.

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:28:40

So, it's now sitting on my shoulders. <whistles>

ThomasRichard Sat 14-Nov-15 22:44:09

grin Pacific. Once I decided to give myself a haircut but did it the wrong way round so I had very long hair at the front and super-short at the back. I had to grow it out a bit before even attempting a hairdresser visit.

I now have a short bob and a long fringe. It looks pretty good. I might regret it in the morning though. A few minutes ago my hair was halfway down my back.

burnishedsilver Sat 14-Nov-15 22:58:45

Oh my God!
Put down the scissors and go to bed!

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