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Necklace for this dress?

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EvilTwins Sat 14-Nov-15 18:08:15

I have bought this dress to wear for a few things this Christmas including a concert I'm performing in and my work Christmas do. I would really like a necklace to wear with it but everything I have is too small and delicate looking - I wanted something a bit more statement. I prefer silver and I like sparkly. I have big boobs so things that dangle over the ledge look a bit daft. Any suggestions?


ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sat 14-Nov-15 18:10:24

Gorgeous dress. Really beautiful.

A necklace would seriously detract from it. The high neck and lace give it all the drama it needs.

A bracelet or earrings instead?

Chewbecca Sat 14-Nov-15 18:12:15

Yes, no necklace, just cuff or bracelet & earrings. Sparkly & silver would work.

EvilTwins Sat 14-Nov-15 18:15:20

I hadn't even thought of that... Thanks! I have suitable earrings and a pretty sparkly bracelet so will go with that.


MumCodes Sat 14-Nov-15 18:17:06

If you're at on a necklace (and I think I agree with the PPs that a cuff and earrings would look great), have a look at Stella & Dot.

I love their stuff but can't afford it after getting a bit giddy at a jewellery party and buying a handbag

RomComPhooey Sat 14-Nov-15 18:19:35

I agree - statement earrings and a cuff/chunky bracelet. A necklace would either be too much or lost with the lace at the top.

Vaia Tue 17-Nov-15 15:10:42

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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