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Those cut price beauty sites - Strawberrynet, Elysian etc

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BrendaandEddie Sat 14-Nov-15 12:14:00

How do they make money?
I know one i have used in the past is out of the Channel Islands - is that it?

maybemyrtle Sat 14-Nov-15 12:24:37

Strawberrynet is based in HK iirc, and they used to stock a lot of DC/LE or old packaging stuff. I haven't shopped from them for a few years though so may have changed.

Off topic - did you try the clarins drops with any other creams?

BrendaandEddie Sat 14-Nov-15 12:25:43

well they work NOW as I have a diffo cream, I think. In the summer they were shit.
ITs quite a faff though. I did like the one they used to make

maybemyrtle Sat 14-Nov-15 12:30:41

The cream definitely makes a difference. Glad they're doing something for you now!

BrendaandEddie Sat 14-Nov-15 12:31:09

thanks for asking Myrt

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