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Elegant but not ageing workwear?

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Solasum Fri 13-Nov-15 22:03:30

I want to be taken seriously by those I work with (mostly much older, male) but also not look like I am wearing my mother's clothes. I feel I am in a bit of a rut workwear wise, but want to appear elegant. What should I be wearing?

I am 31, tall, and a size 8/10. I have a waist but larger thighs so tend to dresses and skirts rather than trousers. I don't want to have much skin on show, as the office is draughty.

Any inspiration?

Brillenbar Fri 13-Nov-15 23:00:23

Have a look at the workwear edit blog. The blogger doesn't blog much now but if you look back over her posts there are some great ideas and suggestions

Otherwise, if money no object and you want serious business clothes which arê really lovely and original and you could present to the board of an investment bank in - the fold

Solasum Fri 13-Nov-15 23:26:33

Thanks Brillen. Will have a look..,

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