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Hair loss

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Bassetfeet Thu 12-Nov-15 17:22:26

Didn't know whether to put in health or here ...but am doing what I can health wise re vitamins and water . Can't exercise much due to illness and stress. This is unlikely to change health wise .
But I want to find out if any products can help? Asked for Boots vouchers for Christmas so can try more expensive than normal .
My hair is bob cut but is so thin now . Meds have given me a fat face [sound lovely don't I] . Anyhow would really appreciate any advice you can give to either halt the loss or disguise it . Thank you smile

spiderlight Thu 12-Nov-15 18:57:22

I had the same after illness and stress. Apparently it's called telogen effluvium. I'd been on steroids as well - wondering whether that's what you've had because of your comment about the fat face. Mine was partly due to anaemia, so iron supplements helped, as did kelp. It's worth getting your iron and thyroid function checked first and foremost, as I left it until too late and could probably have stopped quite so much from falling out if I'd gone to the doctor sooner.

Once it started growing back I used Fast shampoo and MSM supplements, which I think helped (or maybe it was psychological!). I alternated the Fast shampoo (because it was really drying) with a shampoo and conditioner called Jason Thin to Thick, which I got from a health food shop and which was the only shampoo that made it look a bit less thin, and I had some Wella scalp stimulating serum (think it was this that seemed to encourage growth. Three years on, my 'new' hair is nearly as long as it was before it fell out, and mysteriously wavy, whereas it was straight as anything before. Also, although I was hideously self-conscious about it at the time, friends I've mentined it to say they genuinely didn't notice, so yours probably doesn't look half as bad as you think.

Bassetfeet Thu 12-Nov-15 19:25:13

Thank you spiderlight for your advice and kind words . Yes steroids .
Will look for the products you recommend . You are right that people don't notice really or are kind and don't mention it . Off to google now ..much appreciated .

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