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Vestiare Collective, anyone else have problems with them?

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YesOfCourseAlways Thu 12-Nov-15 09:22:18

I have bought from VC a couple of times and found the process very slow, but this time has been the worst. I bought a coat on October 28th, paid immediately as you are required to do. Then the seller sends the item to VC in Paris, they quality check it and then send it on to you. Anything I've bought before has taken around 2 weeks to get to me, but this time the seller hasn't even sent the coat to VC. It seems that VC send a 'reminder' email to the seller once a week, so she has had 2 at this point and that's all I know. I can't contact VC by email which seems ridiculous. It's a totally frustrating experience and I definitely won't use them again.

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