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How often can you use IPL systems?

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TwoNoisyBoys Wed 11-Nov-15 19:25:45

I've got a Philips Lumea that I use on my bikini line, have done for about three years. The recommendation is to use it once a fortnight, (although I'm not religious about it in the winter!) and although it obviously works, I'm still quite patchy. So can I use it more often, and will this sort the patchiness out, do you reckon? Or will there be some terrible side effect I'm unaware of?!

Berthatydfil Wed 11-Nov-15 19:30:43

I think they say that to maximise the efficiency as if you've zapped all the growing hairs it takes about a week to 10 days for them to fall out while any fresh unzapped ones are growing through. You could try weekly sessions but I can't see it being beneficial to do more frequently than that as you would just be wasting the zaps

TwoNoisyBoys Wed 11-Nov-15 19:46:29

That's another thing that I thought about.....there's only so many flashes on them, isn't there? I might try every week/ten days even so....just see if it does makes a difference.....I can understand that more often than that probably wouldn't be effective though.

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