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are we still allowed to wear nude tights? !

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Missanneshirley Tue 10-Nov-15 22:51:05

I've just come across a very lovely pair of beige/nude shoes (court shoes for wany of a better word) - I'd wear them with jeans and a going out top I think but would also like to wear with going out dresses- what goes on my legs?

BTW I live in Scotland, and my legs are generally so white they verge on blue - bare legs not an option !!

keeponkeepinon Tue 10-Nov-15 23:02:04

Yes! I'm the same my skin has lovely blue red and purple tones on a chilly winters day! Alternatively sally hansen spray on tights or lotion works very very well. Only way I would ever bare leg s unless in back garden or on holiday.

Missanneshirley Tue 10-Nov-15 23:15:21

I would occasionally do Sally hansened bare legs for eg a summer wedding or night out. But I'm looking at a night out at the end of this month and gave these lovely shoes, a potential dress and a ? ? ? in between re what to do with my legs! Surely even leggy blondes don't do bare legs in Nov? I usually play it safe with black or coloured opaques and black shoes but pretty sick of it!

Missanneshirley Tue 10-Nov-15 23:15:53

"Have" these lovely shoes not gave!

burnishedsilver Wed 11-Nov-15 08:09:37

Wear the nude tights. They're really the only option to wear with nude shoes and they're gradually making a comeback.

Angelina321 Wed 11-Nov-15 08:14:56

Saying nude tights are making a comeback is like saying white t-shirts are making a comeback - they never went away! grin

iwantgin Wed 11-Nov-15 09:03:12

I wear nude tights on the rare occasion that icwear a dress.

Wasn't aware that they were a no no?

potap123 Wed 11-Nov-15 09:14:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mammmamia Wed 11-Nov-15 09:16:08

I would wear the nude tights.

SoupDragon Wed 11-Nov-15 09:16:56

Gosh, are there clothes we aren't allowed to wear?

BeverlyGoldberg Wed 11-Nov-15 10:59:59

I think I missed the Mumsnet memo that said nude tights weren't allowed. I love nude tights apart from at the very height of summer when it's not practically in the interest of maintaining a fresh undercarriage.

squoosh Wed 11-Nov-15 11:33:28

Nude tights are fine, just avoid those really shiny ones.

potap123 Wed 11-Nov-15 12:17:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Petal02 Wed 11-Nov-15 12:36:45

I wear nude tights when required - they look fine IMO.

ouryve Wed 11-Nov-15 12:38:56

You allowed to wear what you like. Asking for permission is a little silly, really.

sugar21 Wed 11-Nov-15 12:44:11

Obviously you can wear whatever you want to. I haven't worn tights for years, prefer to wear stockings or socks. Tights and my froo froo are not friends.

TPel Wed 11-Nov-15 12:48:50

I wear nude hold ups, tights are the work of the devil imo, and always have. Blotchy, blue legs are not a good look and it is too cold for Sally Hansen now.

Missanneshirley Wed 11-Nov-15 13:03:16

Thanks for all the sensible replies ! Clearly my title was tongue in cheek and I wear whatever I like ...HOWEVER I am so rarely in the position to get dressed up and go out somewhere "trendy" that I'd like to look half decent when I do it! And I am definitely not up to date with "fashion" so thought I would ask some more knowledgeable people!
I used to wear those boots shine and sheer things which in retrospect made your legs look like shiny sausages. So I will look for matt!

Missanneshirley Wed 11-Nov-15 13:05:03

Oh I hadn't thought of hold ups! I was scared away from them after they kept falling down at a work do, and I ended up drunkenly tearing them off and going bare legged, it wasn't pretty grin

HappyGirlNow Wed 11-Nov-15 16:45:25

Wear what you like grin but I wouldn't, they're frumpy and mumsy (and sorry I know some folk hate those words but I can't think of others that sum it up so well) in my opinion... And yes it can make life difficult in winter..

amarmai Wed 11-Nov-15 17:55:53

nude mesh might be the answer?

mingtea Wed 11-Nov-15 18:21:57

Avoid the really matt and the really shiny ones. There's a happy medium...sainsburys are good

Queenbean Wed 11-Nov-15 18:48:25

happygirl how can you tell someone is wearing them? Unless they look like Nora batty I can't really see how they look mumsy?

Nude tights absolutely bankrupt me. They're one wear horrors

clayspaniel Wed 11-Nov-15 18:51:52

Can anyone recommend a brand that doesn't ladder on a first wear?

amarmai Wed 11-Nov-15 18:54:17

there are gold shimmer nude tights and don't forget patterns e.g. stripes, mesh, etc. go to a Leggs store and see what you fancy.

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