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Incredibly dry skin around eyes (psoriasis I think)

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CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 20:05:14

I've suffered from scalp psoriasis for a number of years which I try to keep under control by regularly washing with T-gel shampoo.

About a month ago the problem spread to my forehead, then two weeks ago it spead to my eyelids and under my eyes. The skin is so dry, flakey, sore and irritated I look awful, it's really getting me down.

I've tried to book a GP appontment but there aren't any for 2 weeks, so I was hoping someone might have some advice as how to treat it in the meantime? I've tried Aveeno, Deprabase and rosehip oil, they all seem to make it worse. I haven't been wearing any makeup and am washing with plain water. Has anyone any suggestions?

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 20:05:56

Sorry for all the typos!

NettleFarseer Tue 10-Nov-15 20:15:32

Bumping this.

The last few weeks I've got some on my scalp and now it looks like its creeping onto my necksad

Definitely marking place.

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 20:20:19

I'm wondering if it's the change in the weather Nettle, constantly going from central heating to cold and wet to air conditioned cars.

Pippin8 Tue 10-Nov-15 20:24:47

I don't suffer with psoriasis but a few winters ago I had this exact problem.

I used olive oil twice a day & it cleared up within a few weeks. I have since read that almond or coconut oil are a good alternative.

BerylStreep Tue 10-Nov-15 20:25:16

My DD has this really badly at the moment, although I think hers is eczema.

We have been using coconut oil and protopic to no avail.

I brought her to the GP last week, who basically said it was the time of year with the colder weather & central heating, although it hasn't been this bad for years.

The GP suggested trying to avoid dairy to see if it a dietary thing. I am currently reading 'It Starts With Food' and did the Whole30 - the thrust of which is that food intolerances drive systemic inflammation & autoimmune diseases. We are just a couple of days into eliminating dairy for DD.

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 20:31:19

Hadn't considered olive oil Pippin8, I'll give anything a go at this point!

BerylStreep, I'd have thought if I had a food intolerance it would have shown itself before now (I'm 40), but then I have no idea about such things so don't know if it's something that can develop or get worse at any age. Hope you find a solution for your poor Dd, it's such an uncomfortable thing to live with.

BeyondThirty Tue 10-Nov-15 20:40:06

I have psoriasis, i get it on my eyes too (and yep, mine flares from about october every year). On the recommendation of my gp, I changed from an expensive face moisturiser to regular blue pot of nivea, and my eyes have cleared up. If i stop using it, it comes back again.

The logic i think is that cheaper lotions and potions have fewer ingredients so you are less likely to react to them? I've also had big success with ditching showergels and going back to good old fashioned soap!

SeasonalVag Tue 10-Nov-15 20:45:17

Well as an eight year veteran of the curse , I dont know how far you want to go, but when it hit my face I started juicing like crazy and it went for good. But I was 95% covered and it was very severe, so a different situation I think.

I keep my p under control by cutting out bread and obvious sources of gluten, and I take optibac probiotic extra strength 2x day. This has done more for my skin than anything else.

Topically, I only double cleanse my face, only oil ever touches it and only Rosehip oil at that.

You can order both From Amazon. Rosehip oil is from fushi.

Don't stick steroids etc on your face...please.

BeyondThirty Tue 10-Nov-15 20:49:07

I have ibs, i've cut waaaay down on carbs, which has possibly also helped.

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 20:53:49

Thanks BeyondThirty, my Mum swears by nivea so maybe I should give it a go.

SeasonalVag, yours does sound more severe, but at the speed mine appears to be worsening I might be heading that way. Prior to this recent flare up I had only been using rosehip oil (trilogy) for over a year, it seemed to really suit my skin but now is irritating it. Everything is irritating it, just wish I knew why it's suddenly become so much worse!

Maybe I need to go down the diet route as both you and BerylStreep have suggested.

BerylStreep Tue 10-Nov-15 21:04:35

The Whole30 has been a complete eye opener for me. I suffered from asthma (wheezing would be so bad it would keep me up at night), neck pain, have been diagnosed with a form of inflammatory arthritis, have chronic tendonitis in my ankle and shoulder (which I had surgery on, with limited effect).

Within a week of starting the Whole30 my asthma had disappeared completely. After the 30 days my joint pains had improved massively (so much so that I am going back to work tomorrow having been off for almost 4 months), my sleep was amazing, I had amazing energy levels. I have also lost 22 pounds. The basic premise is no grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol or artificial ingredients. Which leave room for fish, meat, veggies, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, fruit - I certainly don't feel deprived.

If you have any autoimmune disease it is worth giving it a try. If it doesn't work, then it is only 30 days of your life that you have committed to eating naturally and healthily. All the info you need is for free on their website.

<am I starting to sound like one of those Jehovah's witnesses who turn up at your door?>

mysteryknickers Tue 10-Nov-15 21:04:42

I think you can develop an intolerance at any age - I suddenly became allergic to an ingredient of nail polish and the reaction occurred on my face - dry inflamed skin on cheeks and round eyes. I use Dermalex cream for irritation and allergic reaction (I think there are different varieties) but it is expensive.

imip Tue 10-Nov-15 21:10:58

This used to plague me in my early 20s. While writing my thesis for uni (v stressed indeed) my psoriasis crept down my forehead to my eyes. Later in my 20s it caused havoc on my scalp. In my early 30s I switched shampoo brand to Aveeda and i noticed it disappeared. In poorer time I buy a different shampoo and it comes back. Could a change in hair product make a difference?

snakeface Tue 10-Nov-15 21:17:57

Hi Cosmic Owl
Moreorless the same thing happened to me in March. Over night, the skin around my eyes became sore and psorsias like. I couldn't use any creams or make up and it totally affected my confidence and self esteem. I didn't want to leave the house and work was a nightmare.
After a lot of trial and error, I stopped using all creams (and makeup) except E45 as a moisturiser, which I applied regularly thru' the day and cleansed with aqueous cream. By September it had cleared up and now I wear makeup every 2nd day.
In my case I think I developed an allergy to an expensive night cream that had neroli in it.
BYW, my skincare costs have plummeted and now my skin is as good as ever.

snakeface Tue 10-Nov-15 21:18:27

oh and Good luck it will clear up smile)

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 21:21:26

I've just ordered some moogoo products I've seen recommended on here imip, so fingers crossed.

mysteryknickers, how did you discover it was down to the nail varnish?

I'll take a look at their website BerylStreep, I'm desperate enough to give it a try.

Off to bed now in the hope a good nights sleep might help! Thanks for all the advice.

CosmicOwl Tue 10-Nov-15 21:22:17

Thanks snakeface smile

Pippidoeswhatshewants Tue 10-Nov-15 21:28:37

Was just coming on to recommend moogoo full cream. This helps a lot, but I still need to use a steroid cream every now and then.
Be careful, though, as it is around the eyes and you can't just use any old steroid cream there.

mysteryknickers Tue 10-Nov-15 22:00:17

I started to realise that each flare up coincided with a time I had used nail varnish. I also thought some face cleansers were causing it and now don't use either manky face cos I can't go through using stuff I am wary of just to see what happens. The reaction is awful and lasts a week or more. There must be something else that triggers it now as I still get flare ups.

SeasonalVag Wed 11-Nov-15 05:17:59

Sodium lauryls sulphate (sls) in shampoo must be avoided, ditto shower gels containing sls. Basically if it foams, avoid! and hair dye.....avoid.

Also, op have you thought about emotional stress? Mine started when I got pregnant very unexpectedly having accepted I couldn't conceive .... It worsened dramatically when I had a miscarriage a few years later and was devastated. I'm under barely any stress right now and its the best it's been in years.

twobambinos Wed 11-Nov-15 08:41:38

Hi op
I don't have psoriasis that I know of but recently got thi very ore under eye dry skin and tried various things that didn't work. In my case I think it was going from hot to cold was away on a sun holiday and it flared after I came home. The creases under my eye were extremely sore and irritated probably from all the products.

The pharmacy told me to use last Roche posay toleraine ultra contour yeux. Said the eye area is so delicate and alot of creams and oils are too heavy for it. Noticed a difference after the first application. I think it cost 20 euro so less in pounds small bottle but will last for along time hope this helps

SweetAdeline Wed 11-Nov-15 08:54:28

OP ask your GP (when you finally see them!) if it could be seborrheic dermatitis. It sounds like it might be if you think it has moved down from your hairline. If it is then a medicated shampoo like Nizoral will help. My dermatologist said I should very gently wash my forehead and eyebrows/eyelids with it when washing my hair which sounded completely counterintuitive to me but it worked really fast and didn't dry my skin out completely as I'd feared.

CosmicOwl Thu 12-Nov-15 20:24:32

Thank you all for your advice, my moogoo products arrived today so will give them a try, and if that doesn't help I'll work my way through the rest of your recommendations until hopefully one works.

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