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Anyone bought anything from

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2plus3equalsus Tue 10-Nov-15 19:38:22

I've seen a coat on that I like. In fact it's exactly the same as a Zara one I bought 2 yrs ago that I love, that now doesn't fit, so I'd like to buy it again. The photos are from the Zara website too, which I think is a bit odd!.

Will it be at cheap copy? Has anyone bought from here and was it ok?



CeeceeBloomingdale Tue 10-Nov-15 23:32:54

Ive never heard of them. The website gives a Hong Kong address so I suspect cheap copy rather than genuine Zara

2plus3equalsus Wed 11-Nov-15 11:19:47

Thanks. I'm not going to get it. I think it's a bit risky. I'll keep looking for something similar...

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