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why do some face creams seem to "bobble"?

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Dreamqueen Tue 10-Nov-15 18:57:57

I use a serum and a face cream, some combinations of cream and serum seem to "bobble' for want of a better word. If I use foundation on top it looks awful & I end up starting all over again. sometimes it seems to be ok but other times I can rub my face & it feels all bitty.

what am I doing wrong please?

TheSpottedZebra Tue 10-Nov-15 19:01:22

It's the silicone. You're meant to smooth it on, not rub it in, or rub other stuff on top.

Primer is the worst for this, and it makes me really spotty.

What products are you using, exactly?

Dreamqueen Tue 10-Nov-15 19:12:18

I've been using up a Christian Dior capture XP serum and either No7 lift and perfect cream or the Aldi caviar cream. Maybe I've been doing it wrong by putting the serum on first? or being heavy handed when rubbing it in.

Dreamqueen Tue 10-Nov-15 19:14:21

I'm 56 and think I've got normal/slightly dehydrated skin. What combination of products would anyone recommend for me please?

LindyHemming Tue 10-Nov-15 19:41:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nabootique Tue 10-Nov-15 21:34:18

The order is correct. I haven't checked the ingredients but ideally you'd only have silicone in one or the other to prevent the bobbling. Good serums for dehydrated skin without silicone include Hylamide, Elemental Herbology Cell Food and Skyn Iceland Arctic Elixir.

Dreamqueen Wed 11-Nov-15 07:06:10

Thanks Nabootique
, I'll google those brands.
it only happens with some combinations & don't notice it until I start to put foundation on, then it's gone all wrong so need to start over agin but leave the serum off.

FuckyNell Wed 11-Nov-15 07:13:13

You have to wait till the primer is dry otherwise it rolls off your face

FuckyNell Wed 11-Nov-15 07:17:28

I use Estée Lauder the purple one and then their daywear tinted moisturiser. Sometimes I use their illuminating primer to; in that case I mix it with the moisturiser

Nabootique Wed 11-Nov-15 09:03:02

Check your ingredients. Things ending in "one" or "ane" are usually a silicone. Dimethicone is one of the most common in skincare. Some moisturisers have it very high up in the ingredients list as it smooths the skin.

Nabootique Wed 11-Nov-15 09:05:30

Page two of this has a handy list.

WhataRacquet Wed 11-Nov-15 09:25:22

That happens to me with Clarins and Lancôme moisturisers no matter how much I rub them in. I just avoid those now.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Wed 11-Nov-15 18:54:33

The very worst I have ever used was Elemis Marine Cream. Bloody useless because of the bobbling.

DickDewy Wed 11-Nov-15 21:40:36

I was really suffering from this and the I went for a facial (Eelmis), having not had one for about 6 months.

Therapist commented how dry my skin was and how I must exfoliate (I tend to use Caroline Hiron's method, ie double cleanse, acid toner, serum, moisturise...)

My skin was great afterwards and slurped up everything I put on without any bobbling off.

I now exfoliate about 1x per week and it has made a difference to how stuff soaks in to my skin.

Dreamqueen Thu 12-Nov-15 08:00:34

I'm doing the double cleanse thing at the moment & trying to remember to use all the products clogging up the bathroom. Sometimes my face looks ok but other times its like a disaster zone. Going to buy some reshape oil mentioned on another thread & see if that works better than the serum.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Thu 12-Nov-15 08:05:14

Dick, but if you were already double cleansing and acid toning you were already exfoliating...or did you start doing that after?

Dream- serums can be very silicon-y. I was gutted when I splashed out on some NY Frankincense serum (the cream IMO is the best moisturiser ever) and my face virtually came off into my hands. No need for exfoliation for sure. grin I'm now on Superdrug Pure (cost a whole £2.99!) and it's bloody great!

Dreamqueen Thu 12-Nov-15 08:28:36

Ooh! I'm going past Suoerdrug this morning Thenlater will get one of those especiallly at that price. Thanks for info.
some serums seem to be overhyped rubbish products.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Thu 12-Nov-15 08:33:02

You might even get it cheaper! When I got mine it was BOGOhalfprice! I think I started a thread about it, it's the nicest serum I've had in a long time. Really plumps up your skin. When I started using it I was stroking my own face like a madwoman all morning it felt so nice!

I don't rate a lot of the Superdrug stuff people rave about on here, the hot cloth cleanser in the green tube brings me out in teenage acne bumps in hours unlike the Liz Earle it's supposed to replicate, and the Vitamin E smells very artifical somehow. But I love the Pure range. It was recommended on the Amazing Faces threads with a fair few MNers comparing it favourably to the Vichy Aqualia (IIRC) range.

BestBeforeDate Thu 12-Nov-15 08:58:45

I read that if you use the same brand of serum and moisturiser this won't happen - I suppose they're formulated to go together. I've certainly found this to be true; I usually use Una Brennan neroli serum and moisturiser and have no problem. A few weeks ago we were away and I took a small Lancome moisturiser instead, and had the pilling problem.

Dreamqueen Thu 12-Nov-15 09:34:35

bestbefore I've just ordered some Una Brennan Vit c from Boots, it's on half price deal at the moment. fingers crossed that it's nice.

BabyGanoush Thu 12-Nov-15 09:37:09

As has been mentioned, it is the silicone.

Most creams have it.

It is labelled as Dimethicone, or Cyclomethicone or anything ending with ...methicone

It makes your skin feel amazingly smooth, but it's like a thin layer of plastic (well, silicone) that you can rub off.

BestBeforeDate Thu 12-Nov-15 09:38:44

Dreamqueen I've been using the neroli serum, day and night creams for about 18 months and I love them. I also use the rose cleanser, mainly because it smells so lovely. I don't have a Boots near me, so whenever I go I stock up , it's usually on some kind of offer (half price or 3 for 2). I haven't used the Vit C (I'm old, so the neroli is right for my skin!), but I would hope it's good too.

Dreamqueen Thu 12-Nov-15 09:53:05

bestbefore I'm old too! lol. Other Vit C stuff seems to get good reviews so my fingers are crossed.
BabyGanoush thanks for the info. I agree everything seems to have the silicone in it.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Thu 12-Nov-15 10:20:38

Sadly the NY serum followed by the NY cream still bobbled.

I'd say it was more a company wanting you to buy the same from all the range rather than a fact.....that said, is this Una Brennan stuff nice then? I love the smell of neroli, but found Decleor Neroli v Emperor's New Clothes for the ££££s.

Dreamqueen Thu 12-Nov-15 14:34:00

thenlater it's my first time buying Una Brennan but I've seen it mentioned a few times on here and bestbeforerecommends the neroli one.
It was on half price so worth the experiment with it.

I ordered it click & collect so looking forward to trying it tomorrow.

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