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Double cleansing - OK for dry skin?

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HopefulAnxiety Mon 09-Nov-15 15:02:51

Just that really - currently use wipe-off cream cleansers but curious about the magical properties of Korean-style double cleansing. I am a fan of Korean skincare and was wondering if there were good double cleansing products for dry skin?

Trifle66 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:26:04

I started double cleansing with a una Brennan's rose oil then followed by Liz Earl cleanser. I have dry 49 yr old skin and find my skin is softer after, with less dry patches breaking through my foundation in the afternoon. I only do it in the evenings.

DizzyCow63 Mon 09-Nov-15 15:34:56

I have dry skin and have recently started double cleansing, I use quite budget products (boots botanicals) but my skin has really improved.

HopefulAnxiety Tue 10-Nov-15 13:12:46

Hmm intriguing, thanks!

Itsalldramarama Tue 10-Nov-15 13:30:46

I double cleanse with cetaphil which is for dry sensitive skin , feels nice after and not tight smile

Lottapianos Tue 10-Nov-15 13:45:58

I have dry, dehydrated skin and double cleansing has done wonders for it. I use Una Brennan Rose Cream Cleanser followed by the Vitamin C cleansing oil from the same range. No more flakiness or scaliness ever, and skin feels much softer and looks much more glowy. Its absolutely the way forward

And use a flannel - they're much more scrubby and effective than a muslin

HopefulAnxiety Wed 11-Nov-15 13:03:15

Flannels and muslins both irritate my skin, as does using hot water. Is double cleansing still a good idea?

TeresaGiudicesForehead Wed 11-Nov-15 13:12:29

Well what about washing off with warm water and your hands?
I use a flannel and warm water(not hot) In my opinion you need a bit of heat and washing your face is the way forward.
If you have dry skin then the excess skin cells will be washed off instead of being moved around your face with a tissue/cotton wool.

HopefulAnxiety Wed 11-Nov-15 14:45:11

Any water-based cleansing has always stripped my skin - but I do have rosacea, if that makes a difference. I will give it a go though - what products are good in the Botanics sort of price range?

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Wed 11-Nov-15 18:52:14

I am 50 and have dry skin.
Boots Botanics balm cleanser is good, as is the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing butter (my current favourite) I have some Cetaphil too (bought for dd to replace her discontinued LRP Physiological)

People rave about the Superdrug ones, but I don't rate them.

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