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Quickest way to tone arms, bum and tummy?

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Fabsolutely Sun 08-Nov-15 21:33:30

For lazy-slothlike person (me). Am full of self-loathing but also strangely immobilized.

PurpleDaisies Sun 08-Nov-15 21:37:25

Weights. Heavier than you think-it won't make you muscly but it will give you lovely shapely arms. Have you got a body pump class near you or could you afford a few sessions with a personal trainer?

If you've got a few pounds to lose you'll need to think about what you're eating too.

Fabsolutely Sun 08-Nov-15 21:39:29

Don't need to lose weight, just want to tone up. No classes near me and I don't really want to join a gym... Dvd or YouTube?!

73dexter Sun 08-Nov-15 21:56:59

Get a couple of kettlebells and look online for exercises.

vanillabeauty Sun 08-Nov-15 21:57:59


Twinklestein Sun 08-Nov-15 22:03:14

Resistance bands, armband weights and a DVD?

Pilates is very good for developing core muscles.

internaldiscord Sun 08-Nov-15 22:44:44

am on day 7 of this...

carrie74 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:05:43

Weights and browse through Fitness Blender.

Scattymum101 Mon 09-Nov-15 11:23:03

Weight defo

SuckingEggs Mon 09-Nov-15 12:01:15


TalkinPeas Mon 09-Nov-15 14:07:20

Yoga or pilates
lots of stuff on youtube

I do not do weights at all - but because of yoga do a lot of "bodyweight" stuff

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