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How and where to go for a 'makeover'?

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confusedandemployed Sun 08-Nov-15 20:45:41

So I'm slowly sorting out my appearance. Lost weight, got fit, bought new I need to sort my slap.

I used to be good at make up but since hitting 40 42 I can't get to grips it.

I'm in South Wales, Swansea to be exact so no John Lewis, Selfridge's etc. Just Debenhams or Boots really. Do I just rock up to a make up counter and ask someone, or will I need to make an appointment?
And which brand is best for 40-something skin?

Littleallovertheshop Mon 09-Nov-15 08:12:12

Don't just go to one smile I'd try bare minerals if they have it and clinique. Try no7 too as they've got a good range and it's more affordable. And report back!

bobsalong Mon 09-Nov-15 08:25:34

Do you have a gym/spa near you? I'm right next to a bannatynes and they do makeup tutorials and whatever it's called where they do your makeup for a wedding/party etc. they only use mineral makeup too. Might be worth having a look around your area?

Lovewearingjeans Mon 09-Nov-15 10:51:48

Look on Pinterest for ideas with make up.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Mon 09-Nov-15 16:47:17

Why do you say you can't get to grips with it, after being 'good' with it before? What suits your skin and colouring doesn't change as you age, you just need to be a bit more subtle. And I suppose more attentive to blemishes etc. Or so I thought. Maybe I'm getting it wrong!

Freddiethefirefly Mon 09-Nov-15 18:16:48


I was in a similar position recently, I found Lisa Eldridge videos really useful and bought some make up online , or try the Make up Forever counter in Debenhams.

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