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how would you style these please?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Nov-15 20:28:17

I'm not sure how versatile they really are...opaques and girly dresses but what else? Not too sure about jeans or trousers? I've got some but wondering whether to hang on to them. TIA$ja=cgid:20331161591|tsid:34908|cid:170733431|lid:77282952053|nw:g|crid:66475078031|rnd:4381382690925333341|dvc:m|adp:1o1|bku:1&gclid=CP3bnNTTgckCFQQTwwodSjAGvA

burnishedsilver Sun 08-Nov-15 21:16:50

A nanny mc phee costume? grin

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Nov-15 22:19:36

Ouch! Get rid? This is exactly the type of comment I worry about!!

DorothyDove Sun 08-Nov-15 22:21:25

I wouldn't hang on to them personally, sorry!

Lonelynessie Sun 08-Nov-15 22:29:54

They are only suitable for a witches costume, aside from that, get rid.

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Nov-15 22:40:24

Haha! This is the honesty I was after. Give it to me straight! Its pretty much what my dd said anyway. I like em becausr they're different but I ve only really worn them once. Any positives or just no?!

TheCraicDealer Sun 08-Nov-15 22:46:48

Nah, they're a bit steampunk for me. Not keen at all and I'd struggle to see how you'd make them work in an outfit that wouldn't make you look like you're on your way to a cosplay event. Sorry!

If it's any consolation my mum had a frilly blouse she loved which my sister told her made her look like Moll Flanders.

keeponkeepinon Sun 08-Nov-15 23:10:15

Steampunk yes. I like quirky but its not truly me. I just want things that are timeless these days. Not so much up to the minute fashion as just what I truly like. Partly a decluttering thing. And since I am on here having this discussion I clearly don't love them enough. grin my dd said they'd be great for Halloween mind grin

burnishedsilver Sun 08-Nov-15 23:36:34

I'm sorry. I didn't realise you had worn them. I thought you were wondering whether to return them. You might be able to make them work as part of a victoriana look. Perhaps skinny jeans and a blouse. Have a look at Oasis.

amarmai Mon 09-Nov-15 15:18:03

i have worn my sim pair quite a bit over the years. Tend to downplay them with mannish trousers and plain shirts and skirts of all lengths. But they also have dress up evening wear potential e.g. gathered midi taffeta skirt and plain top. Key for me, as have a weakness for potentially costumey items e.g. cowgirl boots!- is the take away 1 accessory rule after i put together what i think is a great outfit [ but know my dd wd disagree!] I say keep them [ as i know you want to ] and make them work.

keeponkeepinon Mon 09-Nov-15 18:37:46

Armarmai - thanks for your input, but I don't really want a costumey look, I just want to stick with stuff that's timeless and I genuinely love. I've decided they are for the chop, destination ebay. I just feel a bit self conscious in them and while on the right person they look fab, I think I would get so little wear out of them there's no point keeping them. I think they'd be best with tea dresses and I live in jeans.

PetiteBateau Mon 09-Nov-15 18:43:34

They wouldn't look good with tea dresses either in my opinion.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 09-Nov-15 20:07:04

Save for fancy dress - they'd be brilliant for Mary Poppins or as a witch or something Edwardian/Victorian. For real life - nope.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 09-Nov-15 20:08:27

A tea dress would make them look a bit 1940s, again good for fancy dress but not necessarily for real life unless you're after a deliberate retro look.

Diddlydokey Mon 09-Nov-15 20:15:06

A mini skirt, black opaques and a plain top. A little tartan one could be cute.

Or maybe plain trousers and a high necked blouse?

Ginkypig Tue 10-Nov-15 01:32:08

I love them if your getting rid of them send them to me! grin said in a jokey tone but actually serious

Imo they would work with lots of things but then they are my style so I have lots of stuff that would go iyswim

ConsciousPilot Tue 10-Nov-15 01:36:55

Oh, they're awful: too saloon-girl costumey.

keeponkeepinon Tue 10-Nov-15 07:41:15

Nope, you've all done it now, they've been banished! grin

Ginkypig Tue 10-Nov-15 11:56:34

Banish them to meeeeee! grin

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