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I could do with some help please

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bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 18:24:43

I have been invited to an evening carol concert at St Pauls with my DH. He'll be representing his work and I have to look presentable. I have no idea what should be worn to such an event.
I have this Zara coat which I think will look smart enough on the outside but it's what to put underneath that's the problem!

I'm 41, size 8-10, 5"4ish, mid-dark brown mousy ( boring ), growing out a short style hair ( crap in other words grin ) I have a wobbly tum so I hate anything clingy. Nothing belted around the waist or hem lines around there. They seem to accentuate everything about my midriff that I hate.
I think I have alright legs and many moons ago when my mum had me get my colours done I was told I was mainly Autumn with some spring ( not that I've really taken much notice of that as such - but I do know that solid black should really be a no no )

I'm presuming a dress would be the right thing to wear?

I've seen this on the JL website but I'm not sure if with the grey coat it would be too wishy washy or if it looks a bit to sack like? I like the price really. Also would have no idea of how to accessorise that.

Budget - I suppose round about the £50 mark but if there was an amazing outfit I'd be willing to spend more.

I'm not really too keen on crazy floral patterns or anything too wild but I'm guessing for an event like that it shouldn't be too out there.

Anyone able/willing to point me in the right direction for ideas? Thanks in advance smile

bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 18:32:00

Apologies for any typos - trying to concentrate with dogs barking madly at the fireworks sad

Something warm, I should think. Jumper dress and boots; or skinny black trousers and a nice fitted jumper, plus ankle boots.

bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 19:43:09

I have skinny black trousers and a nice pair of black Chelsea boots - the top half I don't think I have anything smart enough. I'll have a google on jumpers and jumper dresses - although I'm not great with any type of itchy material.

Sounds like an excuse to treat yourself to a cashmere jumper - not itchy at all. grin

Lovely colour

I've got almost identical to this in black and heather from previous years - it's really nice.

bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 19:50:21

grin adds cashmere to the looking list smile

christinarossetti Sun 08-Nov-15 19:51:35

Definitely go for something warm if you're going to be standing around in St Paul's in the evening.

Cashmere jumper just the job. With a thermal top underneath.

bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 20:05:30

remus your second link doesn't seem to work. I've just seen this but not in stock sad. It's more than I'd normally spend on a jumper but it's just the sort of thing I'd be able to wear again. Actually gutted it's not in stock in my size sad.

2nd link again

bobkate Sun 08-Nov-15 20:28:49

I think they look like they'd be a bit clingy around the waist. That's why I thought the white company one looked quite good as it looked a little more slouchy around the waist but not ridiculously slouchy.
I'm a bit odd with how things feel next to my skin. Anything that is really fitted around my torso, if jumpers feel snug or are even a little clingy then I'm forever pulling them away from my body - front, side or back. Thanks for the links though. I'm busy trawling smile

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