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I want a dress that fits me properly

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Knackeredknitter67 Sun 08-Nov-15 01:19:52

I can never find a dress that actually fits in the right places. I always buy a size that fits across my boobs and is too big every where else, or I can buy a stretchy material that might stretch
I'm not even large breasted, i'm wearing a 32E, or according to my new measurement I am actually a 30F. My waist measures 26 and my hips are 37.
I'm not that unique, there must be other people the same shape as me. Shops seem to cater mainly for a lovely pear shape. What the hell do others do?

HelenF35 Sun 08-Nov-15 01:33:13

I've not used them but thyme been recommended by a fellow busty girl. Prices and selection look very good!

HelenF35 Sun 08-Nov-15 01:33:54

They have not thyme!

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