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best boots for cankles and huge thighs

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lotusisaddictive Sat 07-Nov-15 21:32:32

I've tried in Evans but couldn't find any to fit me blush

Can anyone recommend where to get boots from please? Not too bothered about style just want a pair of boots to wear instead of trainers or ballet pumps confused

herecomesthsun Sun 08-Nov-15 03:35:51

If your calves are the best part of your leg, are you thinking of ankle boots at all? They seem quite fashionable and don't break up your leg too much if say you wear black boots and black opaques. I find it much easier to find ankle boots that suit/fit. There are some great heeled ones in M and S at the moment for £59, less with a code, and fringed ones (which are trendy and distract the eye a bit in a helpful way for me) for £79, less of course with a code.

Marks do also do wide leg fit long boots as do Jones.

Ted and Muffy do boots in a range of widths, maybe they will be a lot cheaper in the sale?

lotusisaddictive Sun 08-Nov-15 09:06:25

Thanks, I'll have a look at m&s, haven't heard of the other one but I'll look them up.
I only ever wear trousers or long dresses so never had to think about how my legs will look, but it would be nice to wear something different smile

lotusisaddictive Sun 08-Nov-15 09:08:20

Just realised I put huge thighs instead of calves! I was slightly drunk when I posted wine
So it's my calves that are the problem, really not looking for thigh high boots!

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