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Comfy heels for wide feet - do they exist?

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BitterLazyCunt Sat 07-Nov-15 21:29:17

My feet are wide and pretty flat, I'm a 6-6.5.
I'm also dyspraxic so I struggle to balance on heels that are set too high.
I am looking for some black heels (a little bigger than kitten heels) that are actually not agony to wear.
Do they exist?
Thanks for any replies.

CMOTDibbler Sat 07-Nov-15 21:38:38

I like the Clarks Kendra - they come in wide and a nice height of heel

Moln Sat 07-Nov-15 21:41:03

Have you tried M&S?

My Primark also do a wider fit.

Longdistance Sat 07-Nov-15 21:45:14

New Look do a wider fit, and some quite glamorous shoes too.

sparechange Sat 07-Nov-15 21:46:35

Marks and Spencer's foot glove shoes!
They come in wife fittings and the heels aren't too high or too thin

whiteagle Sat 07-Nov-15 21:46:42

M&S is my go to shop.Next canalso be good but you need to order - you won't find tham in store.

Danglyweed Sat 07-Nov-15 21:49:02

Next or new look for me. Although a few months ago I spent hours looking for a plain black lowish heel pair and couldnt find anyangry

RunRabbitRunRabbit Sat 07-Nov-15 21:57:27

Have you tried Hotter?

BitterLazyCunt Sat 07-Nov-15 22:01:55

So M&S and New Look are the places to start then. Are they dressy though? I need these shoes for some Christmas parties so I want them to look good as well as be comfy. I'm so fed up of taking plasters out with me!

DrivingMissLazy1 Sat 07-Nov-15 22:04:08

I would second Clarks Kendra, lovely fit and the perfect height for a heel.

bookbook Sat 07-Nov-15 22:04:29

These are expensive, but my DD ( on her feet all day ) swears by them,, totally comfortable

SewButtons Sat 07-Nov-15 22:11:49

Definitely m&s footglove shoes. I have a pair of black heels from them and they are the only heels I can wear for any length of time (or at least the only ones that didn't cost £££).

Chewbecca Sat 07-Nov-15 22:15:04

What's your budget?

I swear by Gabor shoes for my wide feet, some styles are grim but some are good.

I've had some luck at M&S but they vary a lot & I've had some that were really uncomfortable.

cymrukernow Sat 07-Nov-15 22:34:43

Most of Clarks range comes in a wide fit option- there's some lovely styles.

CointreauVersial Sat 07-Nov-15 23:16:52

Hotter shoes aren't that wide! You'd expect them to be, but they really aren't.

FannyFifer Sat 07-Nov-15 23:19:30

I have very wide flat feet & also swear by Gabor, they are the only heels I can walk in.

didireallysaythat Sat 07-Nov-15 23:22:33

Love Gabor. Got some Gabor patent wedges (maybe not quite the heels you were thinking of) but did a transatlantic flights with 4 hours walking afterwards with brand new Gabor's and they were so comfee

SheSparkles Sat 07-Nov-15 23:26:12

I have ridiculously wide feet and often manage to get something from New Look, on trend and a very decent price

ValiantMouse Sun 08-Nov-15 01:02:50

Depending on your personal style, you might want to take a look at Irregular Choice. Some of them are awful, but some of them are lovely and not too high.

I have a couple of pairs of their higher shoes and find them very comfy!

magicpuppy Sun 08-Nov-15 10:10:36

Clarks Chorus Tempo - I have them in navy and in black. Wide fit and very comfy. They have straps though.

TonyMaguire Sun 08-Nov-15 10:19:49

Those Hotter ones are lovely! Hidden gems in a sea of fugly. grin

bookbook Sun 08-Nov-15 11:56:28

TonyMaguire - I saw these mentioned on an earlier thread, and my DD was looking for something comfortable and pretty. She went, tried them on and fell in love - she bought 2 pairs, and is going to buy the boot version for this winter. There are some nice flats as well, if you look carefully smile

hollyisalovelyname Sun 08-Nov-15 16:03:12

Clarks Gabriel Mist mught be wirth a try.
Personally I didn't like those particular Hotter shoes but Hotter shoes are very comfy and everyone's taste is different.

MrsMolesworth Sun 08-Nov-15 16:07:25

Definitely Clarks. The ones with padded insoles. I can wear them all day and not notice. All other heels, even M&S footgloves, hurt after a couple of hours.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 08-Nov-15 19:06:26

MrsMolesworth the Clarks Gabriel Mist have a padded insole and are square toed with a fairly high block heel. Not a spindly heel.

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