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Jigsaw Caras - but lower heel?

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DorothyDove Sat 07-Nov-15 20:21:54

I'm totally smitten with the shape of the Jigsaw Cara ankle boot

But I can't face wearing heels that high day to day (wuss). Has anyone seen something a similar shape but mid-low heel, by any chance? I particularly like the v-shape at the front but not that many of them around! If anyone could suggest something it would be amazing!!

mrslebon Sat 07-Nov-15 21:50:49


mrslebon Sat 07-Nov-15 21:52:37

Not as nice but:

pestilence13610 Sat 07-Nov-15 21:58:31

M&S nearly

DorothyDove Sat 07-Nov-15 22:19:13

Thanks mrslebon those are both nice but heels still look a bit on the high side. Pestilence those m&s boots look perfect! I would never have thought to look at m&s, will have to go take a look this week! I'd be ordering online tonight if I hadn't just googled and fallen hard for these not much more practical Hudsons such a sucker!!

DorothyDove Sat 07-Nov-15 22:24:25

Oh bugger I went to order them anyway and they're out of stock in my size! M&s never seems to have anything in my sizes!

pestilence13610 Sat 07-Nov-15 22:34:36

These but they have a weird zip up the back. So I bought the longer ones, can run around in them all day.
M&S had loads in store Thursday

pestilence13610 Sat 07-Nov-15 22:41:36

I have been coveting the cara boots for weeks, but they are too high for work. I'm on my feet all day and my office is one the third floor. And I walk about a mile for the commute, will shoe manufacturers please take note.
The red or dead ones are good, I'm contemplating a second pair

pestilence13610 Sat 07-Nov-15 22:46:32

I can just manage these all day, they have a platform built in, so feel like a lower heel.

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 07:50:00

Lol. They're horrendous.
Pestilence your link didn't work

pestilence13610 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:00:29

red-or-dead-mountain-black-boots Bloody schuh site, just google the name of the boots

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 09:03:55

The toes on those turn up tho

pestilence13610 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:15:37

Brenda turns up less when your foot is in them, dead comfy.

DorothyDove Sun 08-Nov-15 09:22:57

Oh thank god pestilence I thought our tastes had wildly diverged when I saw those toeless horrors!! Like the red or dead ones too but a bit too 'western' for me maybe. Have persuaded DH and DS we should head into town for brunch today so hope to swing by M&S and see if those boots are in stock. Also clocked a pair in Next at the bottom of Brenda's drapey top link so might head there and look at both!

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 09:51:29

try topshop too
I got some from there similar years ago - still going strong

pestilence13610 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:52:12

Dorothy those next ones are not bad.
I never really thought of M&S for shoes, but was picking up lunch on the way to work and they caught my eye.
I am still peeded off about the jigsaw ones being too high, They are lush, I even tried them on. sad

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 09:54:50

i like these

and the Dune heeled ones btu way too high for you,default,pd.html

DorothyDove Sun 08-Nov-15 13:08:26

Well I made it to m&s and the 5.5 fitted but I didn't like them. Too close fitting round the ankle, I like a bit of a sloppy ankle, too old to really embrace all the 90s stuff again without feeling about 100. Still pondering those Hudsons and might go try the Next ones too, although if there's one thing I don't need it's another pair of tan boots!!

DorothyDove Sun 08-Nov-15 13:10:29

pestillence did the Caras look amazing on? No chance they're deceptively comfy? Must be practical, due no 2 next week and have a toddler to chase. Heels just won't work. I'm wondering if my shoe buying madness might be a form of footwear nesting??

pestilence13610 Sun 08-Nov-15 13:21:02

Dorothy Beautiful but too high.
Unless you intent to get the DC adopted and hire a chauffeur.

OneHandFlapping Sun 08-Nov-15 13:41:11

Zara have something similar with a lower heel and the dipped front, and only £70.

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 15:10:23

i also went ot marks and got these - not leather but nice and slim in the foot so they dont look like wellies

DorothyDove Sun 08-Nov-15 17:55:53

Wow - did you get them in red Brenda? onehand I like the Zara ones but a bit too Chelsea for me - I grew up in jodhpur boots and can't see Chelsea boots as anything else.

pestilence chauffeur and adoption may be the way forward at this rate. I've seen so many lovely ones with heels!

BrendaandEddie Sun 08-Nov-15 18:40:45

no hate the red


DorothyDove Fri 27-Nov-15 19:51:20

Well after a lot of searching I took a punt on these boots from eBay

I actually love them! The suede is perhaps a bit thin but they're just what I was looking for. Baby finally made an appearance this week so was able to wear them out and about and they hopefully drew the eye away from the wobbly 5 months pregnant tum I'm still rocking!

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