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Bra help for my awkward boobs, please?

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LucyTheValiant Sat 07-Nov-15 16:37:34

I'm getting a bit desperate! I went bra shopping today and it was utterly miserable.

Bravissimo measured me as a 28d, which matches what I've been told on here previously - my rib cage is 27 inches and 31 inches round the boobs. There's not a huge amount of choice in my size to begin with but I'm also very narrow and my boobs are very close together in front. Everything I tried on had too wide a gap between the cups iyswim so part of the underwire was sitting on my boobs.

I always have red lines on my boobs from the cup wires or the back being too loose and it riding up and it's so uncomfortable, and it makes me feel shit and unnattractive.

Can anyone recommend any bras / styles / brands that are good for narrow frames and ideally come up a bit small in the back? I would love one for everyday (I'll buy the same one in bulk if need be!) and one that's a little nicer but would honestly settle for just one bra that fits!

marriednotdead Sun 08-Nov-15 22:43:48

Panache and Cleo are tighter than Freya and Curvy Kate styles. 28D is a hard size and I feel your pain! If you've got any bras that fit well apart from the looseness, then you could try adding a Rixie clip to tighten it.

Stokey Mon 09-Nov-15 14:10:25

I feel your pain Lucy, I'm also a 28 back ( but more like G cup) and have bought & sent back 7 bras over the last fortnight. I finally bit the bullet and went into Bravissimo today in person and they were very helpful, spent over 40 minutes trying different styles on me. So I would definitely recommend trying to get to a shop.

So I don't know if this will help but:
plunge bras didn't work very well, they came up very high under my arms as my frame is small.
Balconettes were Ok but a bit prone to fall off my shoulders, I did end up with a Cleo one up a cupsize, and as Married said they come up small. Shop assistant also suggested a racer back clip.
The Cleo full cups worked quite well on me as they didn't come so high under the arms or so near the edge of the shoulders. I didn't buy one but both the Andorra & Clara worked well and actually in both I moved up to a 30" back.

Hope that is of some use.

LucyTheValiant Wed 11-Nov-15 20:49:42

Thank you, both! Will bear that all in mind and keep trying.

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