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Teenage girls and knickers

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Strange question time! Where do your teens get their knickers? I usually buy the dds M&S ones (the 3 for 2 Brazillians or shorts) but is there anywhere else that might be better/worth a look? Please don't say Primark - I just can't face it!

Fairylea Sat 07-Nov-15 14:53:03

Next older girls - they go up to an age 16.

My 12 year old also wears a lot of women's size 6-8 stuff in new look so worth looking there too.

mysteryfairy Sat 07-Nov-15 15:32:08

My DD likes the cotton pants from pink. There are a few different shapes etc and some sort of deal - maybe 5 for £20 or £25? She's a younger teen though, not sure if late teens would still choose them. H and m is pretty good for a varied collection of cotton underwear that's very reasonable.

Thank you.

Can't see anything on the Next website - all looks young, and the women's stuff is more expensive than M&S by the look of it.

What is Pink?

Will look in H&M, thanks.

christinarossetti Sat 07-Nov-15 15:34:35

Uniqlo underwear is reasonably priced, decent quality and quite funky.

CambridgeBlue Sat 07-Nov-15 15:54:01

DD does get some from Primark but they're pretty poor quality so don't worry!

I treated her to some Jack Wills ones for her birthday and although they were silly money imo they're excellent quality and have lasted really well so actually pretty good value.

TheSpectreOfMorningtonCrescent Sat 07-Nov-15 16:01:37

Top shop, or Miss Selfridge,usually in the sales.

Topshop looks like a contender. The JW ones are gorgeous, but stupidly expensive. I didn't know Miss S did them - will look. Thank you.

73dexter Sat 07-Nov-15 17:48:43

My dd wears plain black Sainsburys knickers for everyday and she has some Victoria's Secret pants that are a bit nicer.

exexpat Sat 07-Nov-15 17:52:05

DD (13) likes the Asda ones - usually 3 pairs for £6, they have ones with Batman etc on as well as standard floral ones, Christmas ones and so on.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dementedpixie Sat 07-Nov-15 18:00:24

Asda/tesco for dd

BackforGood Sat 07-Nov-15 18:00:50


Thanks you. Are the V's Secret ones expensive?

Haven't got a supermarket that sells clothes anywhere near us.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thanks. We have a VS in Birmingham, so no shipping needed!

TheFairyCaravan Sat 07-Nov-15 19:37:17

I've just discovered Gap knickers for myself. They're really soft and comfortable and never full price because there's always a code about.

Mintyy Sat 07-Nov-15 19:39:30

Next is brilliant for underwear. Please trust me. Their knickers and socks for everyone last for ages/are exceptional.

Thank you. I will go on a knicker hunt tomorrow. smile

73dexter Sat 07-Nov-15 19:42:58

Mintyy is right. I wear Next knickers and they are good.

TabithaTwitchEye Sat 07-Nov-15 19:43:34

I got all mine from top shop as a teen.

Trills Sat 07-Nov-15 19:50:37

How old are they?

Bung them some cash and let them sort it out themselves.

They don't like getting cash - would make my life easier though! smile

It's for Christmas presents - should have said!

73dexter Sat 07-Nov-15 20:15:01

Don't get plain black Sainsbo's knickers for Christmas! Try Topshop, Next, Victoria's Secrets or Boux Avenue is another shop my dd likes.

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