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This dress is lovely, apart from one me find a similar one

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OrangeSunset Fri 06-Nov-15 13:55:22

I tried this dress on for smart christmas nights out. Its lovely, really nice shape and good skirt length, with one problem.....the mesh one the cap sleeves goes too high up into my arm pit, and I just know that within 2 minutes of wearing it it would be a bit damp!

So, if I loved this, where could I look for something similar (and hopefully a bit cheaper?). Am SAHM who lives in skinnies with the old leggings/skirt combo so am branching out here..grin

WomanScorned Fri 06-Nov-15 16:30:21

Industrial strength anti-perspirant?
If you love it that much-and I agree, it's a great dress, it might be worth sorting out/putting up with, the dampness.

KateSpadeAddict Fri 06-Nov-15 17:22:20

This to be fair isn’t very similar in print...but it is a similar shape and I think looks lovely smile

There was also this...

but i don’t think I like the lace up bit confused

Bit too racey?

But after all that. I do love the French Connection one!

dibly Fri 06-Nov-15 21:00:21

This one is lovely and might avoid the armpit problem (but not cheaper sorry)

dibly Fri 06-Nov-15 21:06:14 bargain!

WomanScorned Fri 06-Nov-15 21:10:28

Love your third suggestion, Kate smile

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