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Slim -fit leather trousers which don't cost the earth

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GeekLove Fri 06-Nov-15 13:16:11

I want a nice pair of leather trousers but ones which are decent quality and don't cost a bomb. I have a reasonable budget so I am willing to pay a reasonable price providing that they last, don't go baggy at the knees and I can see myself wearing them in 10 years time.

I am looking for trousers more than leggings though.

My general style is quite edgy - aiming for corporate goth here, but am more 'scruffy nerd' in terms of what I usually end up wearing. I want a bit more of an edge and to look a bit more like an adult on occasion

Kapoww Fri 06-Nov-15 14:56:41

I recently bought these. There is usually a 20% off code floating around. I ordered the leggings as well but the trousers were much nicer.

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