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Tights help for wedding please?

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Whyarethebestnamestaken Fri 06-Nov-15 06:49:44

I am a jeans type of person and never wear dresses so am a bit unsure what to wear with a dress for a wedding. It is burgundy with a bit of black and pink in it, knee length and I will be wearing black heels (Clarks Crisp Kendra). Also a pink jacket to dress it up a bit which does match with the bit of pink in the dress.

I am not sure what the rules are for tights, should they be black or a nude/tan colour?

Any suggestions for brands/specific colours would be great, I don't like the "American Tan" look as that seems a bit dated but what do I know.

Thanks in advance for some help.

IntelligentPutty Fri 06-Nov-15 07:35:29

I am similar to you, always in jeans!!
I like M&S Bare invisible tights..
I found them good at a wedding this summer. I am not sure what the "rules" are but I would say that jeans and no sun = pasty legs, so a light colour in the tights helps ! and tbh that is the reason I wear them.. for the colour.

I do however, think that black tights would not look right.. you sound like you have good shoes and they would not be shown off properly with black tights..

Whyarethebestnamestaken Sat 07-Nov-15 14:45:08

Thank you so much, I see that shade is sold out on line but will have a look in store tomorrow.

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