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How would you style this skirt?

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Silvertap Thu 05-Nov-15 20:34:03

I've bought this skirt. It's a dark green shiny pleated material. I live in jeans and Bretons but I saw this and thought I love it, I need it. I've got a couple of smart dinners/casual Christmas do's I could wear it to but I've no idea what to wear on top.

Any suggestions please?!

amarmai Thu 05-Nov-15 20:45:25

a dark green lace tshirt style top.

Silvertap Thu 05-Nov-15 20:51:15

Like the idea of a lace t shirt style top. Maybe black though otherwise I might feel like a Christmas tree!

Definitely black. Personally I'm not convinced by those shoes with it though.

Silvertap Thu 05-Nov-15 21:32:35

What would you suggest Remus? They're the only ones I had in the cupboard that would do!

Silvertap Thu 05-Nov-15 21:40:37

This is the skirt

Not sure tbh!

I like these but maybe a bit Halloween?

Heeled boots V expensive though.

Boots again

I may be way off the mark though - don't like shoes much!

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