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Socks over skinny jeans and top of ankle boots

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macnab Thu 05-Nov-15 11:48:27

Hope that makes sense! I saw a pic recently, nice skinny jeans inside ankle boots and the girl had a pair of thick looking socks that were over the jeans and you could see the top of them outside the boot. I can't find the pic anymore.

I usually just wear plain black socks and you can't see them at all. I like this look, I like anything that might keep me warm! Can someone point me in the right direction for that sort of sock??

divere Thu 05-Nov-15 11:49:40

I always wear skinnies and Chelsea boots like this. I bought some chunky socks in h&m recently. They were a pack of 2

73dexter Thu 05-Nov-15 11:59:13

I do this. I bought these socks from M&S recently.

sweetheart Thu 05-Nov-15 12:01:02

you mean like i love this look - unfortunately can't pull it off due to my thunder legs!

macnab Thu 05-Nov-15 12:23:47

Thanks so much, will check out M&S and H&M for chunky socks

sweetheart yes that sort of look, but I'll be wearing ankle boots <now hankering after a new pair of knee high boots>

73dexter Thu 05-Nov-15 13:13:20

I am going to point you in the right direction with these!! The sock is removable and you can 'customise' them with your own socks shockgrin!!

Itsalldramarama Thu 05-Nov-15 13:15:43

Words fail me !!! Just why !!!!

WhataRacquet Thu 05-Nov-15 13:15:44

Oh my god grin

EwanHoozami Thu 05-Nov-15 13:19:00

oh my eyes confused

EwanHoozami Thu 05-Nov-15 13:20:23

In answer to the OP, I like the ankle boots / socks / skinnies look but the socks hide the only slim bit of my legs so I don'tdo it.

macnab Thu 05-Nov-15 13:28:58


nope, I have no words

73dexter Thu 05-Nov-15 13:35:50

sad spoilsport!

trollkonor Thu 05-Nov-15 16:07:46

Why? How? What were the designers and buyers thinking? Why didn't the manufacturers refuse??

MaisieDotes Thu 05-Nov-15 16:12:24

They are £150 reduced to £200 confused

I can't see them selling out, somehow.

MaisieDotes Thu 05-Nov-15 16:13:10

Reduced from that should say ^

Am in shock so can't type properly.

CointreauVersial Thu 05-Nov-15 22:10:11

Christ, what the hell are those??

Yes, OP, boot socks are what you need. Make sure the socka are chunky and the skinnies, er, skinny, or you'll look like you've tucked your jeans into your socks and are off on a bike ride.

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