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New hairstyle help

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badfurday Thu 05-Nov-15 08:57:05

So I have always had long hair. I have experimented with a fringe, which is currently growing out.
I'm booked for a hair cut next week and I think I want a choppy, layered bob, but really not sure.
As you can see from the pic, My hair at the ends is in crap condition and needs a good cut regardless, and I also have a horrible growing out fringe to the side. I always have it in a middle parting, mainly as I have an annoying cows lick at the front which prevents side partings.
Your best advice ladies......

badfurday Thu 05-Nov-15 09:00:53

Am sort of thinking something like this, not sure if I can pull it off though?

For Info I'm 35, size 12-14, big oval ugly face!

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