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Nice dress needed - no clue!

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MummyNotMommy Wed 04-Nov-15 19:34:14

I've got a lovely big 3 month old baby, and a less lovely big, flabby csection tummy. I need to dress the latter for a posh meal next week and don't really know where to start!

I've lost 1.5 stone in the last 6 weeks so don't want to spend a lot of money as I plan to continue losing weight.

I'm currently an 18, slimish legs, huge 38J boobs and fairly wide shoulders and hips. I suppose I'm a bit hourglassy when I'm a little slimmer.

Anyone seen anything they think might suit me? Budget up to £50 I reckon, if it's really nice!

smellylittleorange Wed 04-Nov-15 19:46:46

I find this make of dresses really fact Tkmaxx is your friend

MummyNotMommy Wed 04-Nov-15 19:54:37

Ooooh, I really like that!

One thing I forgot to mention, I never wear heels. Ever. Could I get away with flats of some description? And tights are preferable I suppose.

smellylittleorange Wed 04-Nov-15 20:44:57

With that dress you could get away with patent or suede knee high boots (flat) maybe just to.make it a bit dresser.

Do you do wedges?

MummyNotMommy Wed 04-Nov-15 20:55:21

Nope! I am completely heel adverse!
I'm 5'9 and tower above everyone with even a little heel. I know I shouldn't care, but I do. And hate being taller than DH.

I've only really got clunky biker type boots. Got some ankle boots, just cheapy New Look ones with a bit of a slouch.

I'm useless! I live in jeans, leggings and tunic tops usually!

smellylittleorange Wed 04-Nov-15 21:50:41

I think that kind of dress may look a bit frumpy/work like with flats

this kind of dress and a blazer/short jacket looks good with biker boots

They have a nursing one too on Asos

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