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Fed up of trying to dress my shape!

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Destinysdaughter Tue 03-Nov-15 19:06:56

So I'm a 14-16, apple shape with skinny legs, flat bum, no hips and a big bust. It's so hard to find clothes that suit me! I tend to wear softy fitted tops, waterfall type cardigans, wrap dresses, maxi dresses and straight leg trousers/ long skirts that flare out at the bottom. Apart from the maxi dresses, none of this is fashionable. I've accepted that I don't have a traditional or fashionable shape and work hard to find clothes that do flatter me, but get so fed up by the limited clothes I can wear. I feel I just wear the same old shapes, just in different variants. I'm 11 stone, and do look better when I'm a stone lighter but not willing to be on a diet for the rest of my life! My boobs won't shrink much anyway and my tummy is more bloating than actual fat.

Just wondered if anyone had a similar shape and how you deal with finding flattering clothes..?

chanie44 Tue 03-Nov-15 20:08:38

Have you tried Poppy's style blog for inspiration? She's Apple shaped with slim legs. Whilst I don't think everything she wears flatters her shape, she enjoys what she wears.

She wears a lot of the all saints jersey dresses which do flatter her shape

Destinysdaughter Tue 03-Nov-15 20:12:55

No I haven't, will check that out thanks!

Gillybobs Tue 03-Nov-15 20:22:14

I'm very similar in size and shape. I'd say skinny jeans are my best friend. Make the best of those legs! I avoid flares and even straight legs as they hide my best feature. I've just ordered black coated skinny jeans from Wallis of all places, they will be perfect for party wear. For everyday wear I like the marks and Spencer jeggings, comfy and flattering. Pencil skirts also work on my shape, plain for work or lace/embellished for dressy.

Rather than waterfall cardis how about a long line boyfriend cardi, then wear skinnies and a long length top underneath in a solid colour, very slimming. I add a pendant necklace to this type of outfit which also seems to help me look leaner somehow.

Destinysdaughter Tue 03-Nov-15 20:29:29

I don't look good in skinny jeans or leggings, in fact I've had people ask me if I'm pregnant when I wear things like that! I try to find things that will balance out my bust or I look ridiculously top heavy.

Destinysdaughter Tue 03-Nov-15 20:30:39

If I do wear leggings I'd only wear them with boots and a long jumper.

Maraki Wed 04-Nov-15 06:43:25

I bet you do look good in skinny jeans, but the top must be right: bum covering length, not boxy, fitted at the waist with a V neck, scoop neck or cowl neck (basically not turtle neck). Team with knee or above knee length boots.
Pencil skirts with belly button length tops or shift dresses.
Cardigans which are bum length but nip in at the waist (I buy them a size smaller as they don't need to close up at the front). Primark has tons of these at the moment.
Wear heels as much as you can, they will balance you out.

Gillybobs Wed 04-Nov-15 09:54:51

Agree with maraki, it's really unusual for an apple to not suit skinnies. And again agree it's the top length and shape that's crucial. They need to skin not cling and be longer length. Shorter tops with pencil skirts only!

Destinysdaughter Wed 04-Nov-15 10:04:23

I find those sorts of trousers and skirts make my tummy look too big! Am v self conscious about my tum, have had some embarrassing experiences where complete strangers have honestly assumed I was pregnant so try to conceal it as much as possible!

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