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Getting to wear for wedding

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PersisFord Mon 02-Nov-15 20:28:06

I am at the end of my tether, please help! I am going to a a wedding in a fortnight - Young, cool couple, lots of glam friends. I have a variety of children, the youngest of whom is 5 months and flat refuses a bottle. So he is coming with me.

I have had various short-lived flings with "BF friendly" dresses and they do not flatter me due to my enormous veiny breasts and enormous tummy. I am in despair. I don't know how to dress this dreadful new shape, everything I order I have to return as it looks awful, and I am seriously thinking about just not going. So this is my last chance.

I saw this outfit online and excitedly tried to order it but the skirt is sold out in my size and the top has arrived today and is so short it barely covers my bra. I have ordered this skirt but it hasn't arrived.

Can anyone suggest a top to go with this skirt for the wedding (I love it!) or some other outfit? I don't need to be able to BF discretely as I can go to our room to do it, just don't want to have to get completely undressed each time. I am 5'7, size 10-12 ish, v pale, red hair and I want to just look nice and fashionable. I really like wearing bright colours, now I have seen them I want a ballet skirt, and my budget is around £150 if it's things I could wear again (that's why I was so chuffed with the black skirt)

Thank you thank you thank you!!

PersisFord Mon 02-Nov-15 20:36:33

If I bought a ballet skirt I would prob wear it every day, so that would be a particularly good investment!

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