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Have you had a boob job?

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chaoschaos Wed 06-Dec-06 19:44:58

More 'style' than 'health' imo.

Can you tell me whether you are pleased with it or not? Would you do it again? Is there you didn't know but wished you had?

MascaraOHara Wed 06-Dec-06 19:46:38

I haven't had one but will probably have a tidy-up (if ness) when I'm older and gravity starts taking it's toll.

PanicPressiePants Wed 06-Dec-06 19:49:58

I haven't but one of my sisters has. It was about 5 years ago, and she's now had about 6 or 7 follow up operations to try and correct the awful mess they made of it.

Simple message: Don't do it. It's ruined her life, and costs an absolute fortune each time she has to have another op.

princessJINGLEmelS Wed 06-Dec-06 19:50:38

Quick hijack , Mascara how is the pain in your breasts? What did doc say? Sorry....

No I haven't had boob job. I wear a bra all the time though to try and keep them 'pert'. I wear sleep bras in bed. They're not bad actually but I'm dreading seeing what they look like when I finally stop bf. Probably like empty deflated balloons.

kama Wed 06-Dec-06 19:51:00

Message withdrawn

Lucy1977 Wed 06-Dec-06 20:27:21

I haven't had one and I wouldn't (just personal choice, I don't have big boobs either) but

I saw a programme advertised about 3 sisters who all had a boob job. I was astounded when they said the latest surgery is to have it done via your tummy button so you don't have any scars except a tiny one in your button!

Glitterygookwithchocsonthetree Wed 06-Dec-06 20:28:36

I know two people that have had one and are happy with them although one keeps getting infections in her scar area (I think) and she's having a lot of problems with that.

mckenzie Wed 06-Dec-06 20:30:48

I've had one, back in 2001.
Not regretted it, no problems so far.
Very happy with new shape and size.

heavenlyghosty Wed 06-Dec-06 20:32:31

My Step mother In Law has ... and seems quite happy with them judging by the amount of times she flashes her tits at parties [eeeew emoticon]

I wouldn't have one ... just because of her really, not a great advert.

I have a friend who has had a breast reduction ... Absolutely fair play to her ... she waited till she had had her children (4 in total) breastfed eachone till at least 18 months, made her DH have a vasectomy and has a breast reduction
She had very large breasts and was having back problems and constant pain from them so she is very happy - they look quite good now too

mckenzie Wed 06-Dec-06 20:36:37

chaoschaos, if you are thinkingabout it please can i suggest that you make sure your consultant tells you all the pros and cons of placing the implants in front or behind (I cant remember though in front or behind what )

One way is the 'lazy' way apparently and you want to make sure you would have the other way. The lazy way can result in a rippling effect to the touch.

Glassofwine Wed 06-Dec-06 20:39:58

If I had the money, I would, but ... I'd want to be seriously assured that there'd be no loss in sensation in nipples. Have had and bf all the babies I'm going to have,

MerryPiffmas Wed 06-Dec-06 20:41:29

I'm having a reduction after the final baby (due march 07) has finished breastfeeding so in about 2 yrs time.

SnafuOutOfHiding Wed 06-Dec-06 21:39:47

I've considered it. I watched one a few weeks ago and it didn't put me off (too much).

Never thought I'd have any type of plastic surgery but my tits really are hopeless these days...

cheeryface Wed 06-Dec-06 21:41:41

my mum has ( at the age of 53!)
she's happy

Lucy1977 Wed 06-Dec-06 21:42:18

mackenzie - I believe it's best to have the implants behind the pectorial muscles to give a more natural effect. Having said that, a girl I used to fly with had them behind the muscle but she was very, very skinny and you could still see the outline of the implant very clearly. (She was over the moon with them though which is the important thing.)

Ballons Sat 09-Dec-06 00:19:33

Yes, I had mine in 1997.

Bloody painful - I don't think anyone can EVER warn you enough of the pain afterwards (or maybe I should have had morphine) I was frightened as well of what I had done to myself.

However, I think they are cool, clothes look so much better & I feel better. No rippling, no problems. IMHO a bit big - 34 C, if I had to have them re-done I'd go for 34 B & the teardrop shape. Oh yes & they are behind the muscle. No drains though, no infections. There are scars of course & because I didn't have much breast tissue to begin with (34AA) the scars are across rather than under the bust. They aren't noticable, but I would never go topless.
Get a good surgeon - go to the BAAPS website & meet the surgeon at your consultantion, not a nurse. Cost £3,600. I went on holiday to Spain a week after, not a great idea 'cos I had to wear a support garment & it was VERY hot.

Also breastfed for 2 years & now bfing again. They are coping beautifully & are softer

chaoschaos Sun 10-Dec-06 07:59:53

Thanks for this. PPP how did they make a mess of it? It doesn't seem to be a very complicated sort of operation - that's why I'm not too worried about the risks. I'm also desperate enough to have a go: 3 kids have left me not even filling a 32AA. 30 seems a bit young to wave bye bye completely even to a little bust.

Is there a good reason for silicon gel implants not to be used? Here it's what the surgeon recommends. I think the idea is that they have a better feel, and don't deflate instantly like saline implants if they leak. I've heard of something else called aquagel, but can't find out much about it.

ernest Sun 10-Dec-06 08:20:07

what concerns me is that they have a lifespan of about 10 years max and often need to be changed more like 5 - 7 years. That's the biggest ting for me. I'm 37 and can't imagine signing myself up for a whole chain of major ops. And that's before the other health risks. And when do you stop? Imagine how depressing it must be. Better to accept yozrself as you are imo. Say she who has shrunk through bf 3 times and diet from a 34B to a pitiful 34a

corrina28 Sun 10-Dec-06 08:58:03

would love to have my breasts reduced (they are 38H), but i dont like the fact that you have to have a drain in each one , had a drain after c-section with ds2 and screamed so much when having it removed that they moved me to another wards after.

MamaG Sun 10-Dec-06 09:06:08

<snurk at BAAPS>

My pal had one, about 8 years ago now and has been thrilled from day 1. She was slim, but pear shaped and they have balanced her out. She looks great. She did go to a reputable surgeon though.

corrina28 Sun 10-Dec-06 09:24:06

a friend of mine a had a reduction (on nhs, if that makes a difference) and lost both of her nipples - they went black, shrivelled up and almost fell off. The doc said to her, "thats ok we will just tattoo some on for you"

Ballons Sun 10-Dec-06 13:46:49

there are risks of course - but I'm not depressed & I look so much better. If i have to have another op, well, that's what will have to happen. I'd go smaller - to a B cup if possible & maybe the teardrop shape.

Just go to your Dr & be refered to a proper surgeon - don't go through an ad in the paper & don't go abroad.

he did mine

corrina28 Sun 10-Dec-06 14:29:31

i would really love to have them reduced go down to a D or DD cup (dont want them too small) and i dont think £3,600 is an awful lot of money, but i dont think im in the right frame of mind to have it one at the moment. do you have to have bupa cover to go to a bupa hospital or can you just pay to go in for the op?(if that makes sense)

SmileysPeople Sun 10-Dec-06 14:38:07

I'd like mine lifted. I now tell people it's since I had kids they've drooped, but truth is they were never pert handfuls.
I don't think though it will ever quite reach the top of my list of things to spend £3000 on, if I've ever got it. I guess that's because mine aren't actually a problem, just not great. maybe if I ever get endless amounts of disposable income....

Mojomummy Sun 10-Dec-06 19:41:23

didn't have to have Bupa cover.

If you don't like what you've got & it will make you feel better, then absolutely fine.

I was called concave at school (violins ).

One less thing to worry about in my book. Only a couple of very close friends know, obviously DH & my mum. I keep them covered !

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