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do these shoes exist?

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mimiasovitch Sun 01-Nov-15 08:57:06

I went shopping yesterday in a different town to my own, and was browsing in a boutique, not actually planning to buy anything. They had a nice selection of shoes, but after I tried on one pair of boots I left to find my dh. Of course I'm now kicking myself. They had a couple of pairs of shoes from a brand called, I'm almost certain of this, Flexees. The only reason I'm not certain is because I can't find them online anywhere. I run a restaurant and they'd be perfect for being on my feet all day. They looked a bit like Fly wedges, but with a lower wedge and they are flexible enough to bend in half. Anyone have any idea of what they could be?

MissWimpyDimple Sun 01-Nov-15 09:03:53

Call the shop and ask? They sound like something I'm after too!

mimiasovitch Sun 01-Nov-15 09:06:39

I will, just as soon as they open. I was just a bit impatient.

burnishedsilver Sun 01-Nov-15 09:17:10

mimiasovitch Sun 01-Nov-15 10:32:53

They're definitely a possibility. I would have put money on them being spelt differently though. Probably down to being all lightheaded at not working for a whole day! The shop doesn't open until 11 for me to check unfortunately.

mimiasovitch Sun 01-Nov-15 11:56:29

Aha - the brand was Flexx! Stupid, mis-functioning memory. They're not the most gorgeous of shoes, but were incredible light and soft, and at the end of a busy shift I cease to care how pretty my shoes are, as long as they're acceptable anyway.

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