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Nail strengthener recs please

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Jemster Sat 31-Oct-15 10:26:42

My nails are very weak and break easily. Can anyone recommend a good strengthening product

cardoon Sat 31-Oct-15 11:29:27

this marked improvement - Mavala

this did nothing - Trind

Squeegle Sat 31-Oct-15 11:30:54

Mavala is a miracle - agree

ohidoliketobe Sat 31-Oct-15 11:37:34

Dr Lewinns Renunail. Not cheap but it's great. I've never done the full 24 day cycle as my scabby weak splitting nails have always been miles better after just a week of daily application. Once my nails are in a decent condition I use it as a base coat.
Jet2 usually do it on in flight duty free. I stock up when we fly with them!

cardoon Sat 31-Oct-15 11:49:06

Is the Dr L a clear nail polish type - the Trind one is and I didn't like that about it, aside from the fact that it DID NOTHING!

SugarPlumTree Sat 31-Oct-15 13:04:49

Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Rescue has worked well here.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 31-Oct-15 13:08:40

I have had very good results from OPI Nail Envy (the original. Don't like the Matte, it peels)
I can't wear any product on my nails at work though, so the results are only from intensive applications when I'm on holiday (then have to remove it and file my nails down)

I tried the Mavala Scientifique - it's a clear non-laquer liquid so I can get away with it at work, but I never get into a routine of using it properly so I can't vouch for it personally.

nothruroad Sat 31-Oct-15 13:13:29

I've recently started using Dior creme abricot and it has transformed my nails. I only got it for my scabby cuticles so was so pleased that now my nails are shiny, strong and growing longer than ever. It's expensive but you only need a tiny bit. I've been using the wee tub for 5 months and am not even half way through it,

Tate15 Sat 31-Oct-15 17:37:41

Massage Vaseline in every night and I promise you that within a couple of days your nails will be strong but flexible and it appears to make nails grow faster!

HermioneWeasley Sat 31-Oct-15 19:16:21

Using solar oil daily helped with mine

DoinMiFuckinHeadIn Sat 31-Oct-15 19:35:05

this stuff Truly miraculous

wotamidoing Sat 31-Oct-15 19:38:42

Vaseline! Definitely works!

itsbetterthanabox Sun 01-Nov-15 01:13:32

Go to a salon for an IBX treatment. It is amazing! It completely transforms nails. Also use cuticle oil.

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