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hair. Suddenly frizzy the last two weeks

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BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 19:59:15

Is yours? How do you tame? I've been putting an oil on it wet etc but it looks shit.

queenofthepirates Wed 28-Oct-15 20:05:06

What kind of hair have you got? Curly? Coloured?

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 20:09:32

White. Coloured the other day. Slight wave to it

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 20:09:41

I mean I'm white

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 20:17:32


TheSpottedZebra Wed 28-Oct-15 20:21:04

Have you just put heating on? I have. My hair has gone baaaad.

Or changed shampoo etc?

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 20:23:09

Way before. All I can think of its that its got more wintery

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 20:26:23

I need solutions. I ain't turning the Heating off!!

DickDewy Wed 28-Oct-15 20:31:08

I don't the answer but I would like to.

I had mine blow dried the other week - no product, but my hair was sleek and bouncy and stayed the same for days.

If I do it myself (with a Big Hair) I just can't get rid of the frizz, even if I use oil or straightening potions.

My hair is loose curly, but hairdressers can tame it with not too much effort - or use of straighteners.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 28-Oct-15 21:02:02

Well it has got very damp outside too. Well, outside my house anyway. So maybe the combo of dry inside and damp outside =frizz?

I am experimenting with mousse at the mo. Very 80s 90s. It's helping, a bit I think. On that lovely frizzy halo that I can get.

SilverHawk Wed 28-Oct-15 21:04:50

Me too.
In desperation, I have booked a hair cut.

PacificDogwod Wed 28-Oct-15 21:07:55

I have given up trying to tame mine (wavy, frizzy caucasian hair) and now rock the 'witch dragged through a hedge backwards' look grin

Having started to cycle to work in the rain has helped me embrace my inner shrub.

When I need to look polished, it's all l'Oreal Extraordinary oil and hair straighteners. Looks ok, but does not last.

ggirl Wed 28-Oct-15 21:08:06

get it cut

mine was all frizzy ..I look amazing now cos i got it cut today

ggirl Wed 28-Oct-15 21:09:18

old lady frizzy hair hormones

williaminajetfighter Wed 28-Oct-15 21:15:10

This was me for years unto listened getting a keratin straightening treatment at the hairdressers every 3-4 mos. males a huge difference. Hair is easier to manage and much less frizzy. Def worth it!!

williaminajetfighter Wed 28-Oct-15 21:15:46

'I started' not 'listened'. Whoops!

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 22:20:31

I don't want it straight though. I like the wave as it hits my shoulder.

PacificDogwod Wed 28-Oct-15 22:28:42

Straighteners are great for giving a wave at the end!

My hairdresser uses her GHDs to create fabulous waves all over grin

BrendaandEddie Wed 28-Oct-15 22:34:39

i bet she bloody does angry grin

PacificDogwod Wed 28-Oct-15 22:40:19

I know - the biatch! grin

I am hopeless with hair dryers/straighteners.
If I was more coordinated, I'd consider investing in a Big Hair…
As it is, you probably should not take hair advice from me grin

BrendaandEddie Thu 29-Oct-15 07:22:02

I'm wondering if the big hair is the issue

divere Thu 29-Oct-15 07:40:07

Don't tell me the Big Hair causes this, I've just bloody bought one. I have frizzy hair, and keratese conditioner, loreal oil and rollers at bed time helps. I only wash it once a week though and by about day 4 its back to frizzy unless I keep wearing rollers every night or loosely plait it for bed!

BrendaandEddie Thu 29-Oct-15 12:20:02

ok i slathered THIS on this morning and i must say it is looking better, but I havent really been out

GothicRainbow Thu 29-Oct-15 12:26:07

I have short loose curled hair which is prone to frizziness in the top, it got a lot worse a couple of weeks ago. I went to the hairdressers and got a semi-permanent colour put on which has helped loads. I was using a gel and cream for styling but have swapped to a completely cream based product - again helped.

Finally I've started using frizz ease miraculous recovery creme serum for the second day frizz caused from sleeping. I've always avoided frizz ease products but this one works really well at smoothing the frizz and adding shine.

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