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Help me find an alternative to my favourite top please. It's starting to get repetitive.

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magicpuppy Wed 28-Oct-15 10:27:38

I have this top mint velvet and I wear it going out over black skinnies.

I really love it but I end up wearing it every time I go out (not often).

I need something else that looks well over skinnies. I am short and size 16. There isn't anything that I really love on Mint Velvet at the moment but I think it is a bit over my budget anyway. I'd probably stretch to about £50 for the right top.

I need something that skims the muffin top and isn't too long.


RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 28-Oct-15 15:37:09

This is my current favourite, for popping on with skinnies and heeled boots for a casual night out. Might be too plain/not dressy enough for you though?

Watching with interest, as I need some too!

NotTodaySatan Wed 28-Oct-15 15:40:03

I'm not keen on your original top so this may be off the mark but I think this would look lovely with skinnes. And would be really flattering.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 28-Oct-15 15:54:47

Stupidly expensive for polyester though.

magicpuppy Wed 28-Oct-15 16:02:26


I like the M&S top but I think it would be less than flattering on my lumps and bumps.

My top looks a lot nicer on than it is styled on the link but it was the only picture I could find nottoday. (I've worn it so much I feel duty bound to protect it's honour grin )

I like the MV one you linked but a bit outside budget. I'll keep it in mind though.

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