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BODEN. Inconsistent sizing.

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jaybeeyellow Tue 27-Oct-15 13:36:30

Anyone else having this problem? Recently,I have had to send back items due to inconsistent sizing.
2 pairs skinny jeans, one black, one bluein Sz 14L. A full 2 inch difference in leg length, and waist measurement. I have received 3 alexa jumpers, Sz 16. Each one a different size.Huge difference in sleeve length. I am tall, and have long arms and legs, so am able to tell immediately if the sizes are different
I find it really annoying, and have contacted Boden. Not much help though. I am beginning to feel that I just cannot trust Boden any longer.
They really need to sort this out. They are about to lose a customer.

dinagideon Tue 27-Oct-15 22:21:31

It has been bad lately. I don't have direct experience with multiples in the same design being off in sizing, but I am noticing that styles that would consistently fit me in one size for years (say an a-line dress) now may be one size up or down from my "usual."

The worst experiences I have had lately, though, involve mislabeled items! The Zoe coat I ordered in an XS was MASSIVE. Comical, really. The label said XS, the packaging said XS, and since I was actually concerned that it would come and be a bit tight, I was expecting that I would return because it was too small. Turns out it was an XL parading as an XS. I returned it, obviously, and wrote in MASSIVE letters, "DO NOT ALLOW THIS BACK IN THE STOCK." This is the second time in as many years this has happened.

I think it is at the factory level, honestly. They have such tight margins with fabric that one size 12 in a sweater will be almost a size smaller than another 12 in the same color. I read about how companies manufacture clothing, and it basically depends on where on the fabric bolt the item is cut and how precise the sewer is who is sewing up the seams and hems. Higher end items are cut from the fabric to suit the garment, not to suit the cost/profit margin of the fabric, and they are also sewn with more care. More wasted fabric/more time on the machines equal more expensive clothing.

Though Boden is expensive, for them to manufacture clothing to the precise requirements they used to have and we all used to expect, it would likely cost so much more. Sad state, really.

Big fan of Boden, but I am definitely buying a whole lot less and returning more than I used to...

Will say that compared to many US retailers, though, Boden is like a shining star of quality control. It's horrible over here.

321zerobaby Tue 27-Oct-15 22:24:27

The good thing about Boden is that they show the sizing for each individual garment. I check the sizing before I buy because, like most clothing manufacturers, they do vary. Also the reviews help me gauge the fit, but of course that's no good if you are the first to buy.

jaybeeyellow Tue 27-Oct-15 22:55:45

HI 321...
The problem is though that said sizing often bears no resemblance to what actually is sent to you.
Unfortunately, as others have said, areal decline in quality and a rise in prices.

Djangor Wed 28-Oct-15 14:05:28

Glad I'm not alone with the sizing problems. Ordered Chelsea trousers in blue & black & there was over 1inch difference in hip size between the 2 colours. Similarly with a dress last year - one colour was nearly 2inch shorter than the other. Add on the general inconsistent sizing & fact that the measurements on the website are often hit & miss & the fact that colours received often don't match catalogue & website & I have worked out that every single Boden order from the adult ranges has been mostly returned and/or exchanged in the last 3 years. It must take me nearly an hour to deal with each return & get to the PO or shop etc so, sorry Boden, I am giving up on the adult styles. Had good success rate with Mini Boden though.

jaybeeyellow Wed 28-Oct-15 14:59:15

I rang up, and expressed my displeasure. They were v apologetic. They sent me 1 free returns label! Hardly over generous really.
I have taken to searching the internet for luxury knitwear. I've recently found, NEEDLE. Expensive, but not too bad in the sale. Quality far superior to the likes of Boden. Also Rachel Wears. Limited selection, but lovely quality.

WipsGlitter Wed 28-Oct-15 20:34:21

I bought some "regular" trousers - unbelievably long.

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