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Buying coats in Canada/US

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WhiteHairReally Sat 24-Oct-15 14:04:12

In Toronto right now. What warm waterproof coat makes should I be looking to buy here and will prices be bargainatious or just comparable with UK?

What else should I also stock up on here and later in the U.S.? The Paracetamol ( completely deregulated here) and maple syrup suggestions I've received so far seem sad (former) and cliched (later).

amarmai Sat 24-Oct-15 16:26:47

Go to Winners in Toronto- great selection of winter coats at great prices.

Seriouslyffs Sat 24-Oct-15 16:33:37

Canada Goose are gorgeous and much more ££& here and never discounted. Try several on though as some are madly unflattering!!!

ggirl Sat 24-Oct-15 16:58:27

nothing is cheap in canada anymore..all on a par with Uk or more expensive in my experience
US is still cheaper

There are a few Costco outlet places in the boonies brother regularly gets ridiculous bargains there for clothes ,coats etc . He goes to one north of toronto somewhere

sorry bit vague ..try googling

GinandJag Sat 24-Oct-15 17:12:54

I bought my Canada Goose in Toronto a few years ago.

VimFuego101 Sat 24-Oct-15 17:15:14

North Face is good.

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