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LULU Kennedy - Marks

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herecomesthsun Fri 23-Oct-15 07:50:23

What do you think?


herecomesthsun Fri 23-Oct-15 07:51:27

try again

BrendaandEddie Fri 23-Oct-15 07:51:59

link bust

BrendaandEddie Fri 23-Oct-15 07:53:52

dont like more than i like - the flowery boots ew

BrendaandEddie Fri 23-Oct-15 07:54:15

frumpy skirt

Bunbaker Fri 23-Oct-15 07:56:45

Is Lulu Kennedy supposed to be a well known designer?

OnlyHereForTheCamping Fri 23-Oct-15 08:00:12

Posho wearing the indigo 'back to the 90's' range. The metallic sheer blouse looks nice the rest frumperama

Preminstreltension Fri 23-Oct-15 10:51:01

I like the dress though.

whatdoIget Fri 23-Oct-15 11:03:16

I like the dress but it would look horrific on me. The rest is a bit horrible. I quite like the check coat and scarf but that's about it. Who is lulu Kennedy btw?

squoosh Fri 23-Oct-15 11:18:19

Don't like.

Stevie Nicks meets Lorraine Kelly.

Preminstreltension Fri 23-Oct-15 11:34:13

Stevie Nicks meets Lorraine Kelly

Brilliant grin

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