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Dress help needed - breastfeeding.

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Nottalotta Thu 22-Oct-15 08:24:27

I am going to a december wedding, and I am breastfeeding. DS will be 4.5months. I need a dress suitable for the wedding ceremony and meal (wont be staying for evening 'do')

I had planned to wear something but I will be too big for it still, unless a miracle happens.

I'm 5'7, a size 14. I like classic styles and cant afford to spend anything too much at all.

Please help!

Llouh Thu 22-Oct-15 08:30:53

Have you had a look at the nursing clothes on ASOS? While some of it isn't dirt cheap (about £30 a dress) I think a lot of them could be worn again for all different occasions or even as a day time dress.

Nottalotta Thu 22-Oct-15 08:41:35

Thanks - I had looked but they all seem to. maternity dresses, for a bump. Not sure how well the fit would be.

SpinMyBaby Thu 22-Oct-15 08:54:51

I had the same concerns about ASOS stuff as I needed a formal nursing dress this week, but the one I ordered fits really nicely without a bump (and even hid my mummy tummy well). You can always order a few styles/sizes to try on as the returns are free.

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