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Best cleanser/product for pre-teen skin?

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EldonsSocks Tue 20-Oct-15 11:56:53

DD is 12 and had been getting spottier for the last year. She has lovely skin that heals so quick (aah youth) but the white- and black-heads are getting more frequent on her nose and forehead. He dad had bad skin and acne for years, but I have v different skin from them (and am rubbish at knowing about products - have used the smae moisturiser for 30 years!) so don't know what the routine should be. I don't want to get into to the whole gamut of products for her yet, but am looking for a very gentle cleanser or another product that would help her reduce the spots and clean her skin carefully. Does she even need anything? I have seen Simple and Neutrogena mentioned - any others we should try?

CandyRainShower Tue 20-Oct-15 12:36:44

I am also interested in any suggestions of cleansers. My dd has been using the neurogena pink grapefruit face scrub but hasn't made any difference, the blackheads on her nose are still awful and feel rough. She uses the clean and clear spot control moisturiser, which seems to have had a good effect on the rest of her face.

mintbiscuit Tue 20-Oct-15 12:36:53

Skincare for spot prone skin is my fav subject! I've done a lot of reading about routines due to my own battle with spots (and my teenage years are long behind me!).

Spots are caused when dead skin gets trapped in hair follicles and then bacteria breeds. The key is exfoliating the skin effectively as well as cleansing to remove dead skin cells which cause the blockage in the first place. I find the following routine works for me.
Cleanse - cetaphil cleanser removed with water and wash cloth. Morning and night. I like creamy cleansers as they don't strip the skin of oil. The more oil you wash away the more your skin produces.
Exfoliate - paulas choice 2% bha gel at night. Bha is better than aha for blemishes and acne. It is a chemical exfoliant which is gentler and way more effective than using a face scrub. Face scrubs make the skin oilier ime.
Treat - benzoyl peroxide 5%. This can be drying until your skin builds up bit of a tolerance. Stick with it but use sparingly. This will kill the bacteria that causes spots so is a treatment and prevention cream. Use this in the MORNING on affected areas and those prone to spots after cleansing but before moisturiser.
Moisturise - I use avene ultra light hydrance spf 20 in the morning. (I use a few drops of rosehip or jojoba oil underneath on damp skin as serum replacement as my skin is drier now).
Sunscreen. Really important to use sunscreen so the skin can heal properly. I use the moisturiser above as it's v light and has sunscreen in it. Do not use sunscreens that are not formulated specifically for face as they may cause oiliness/block pores.

Peppermint and spearmint tea is good to reduce the effects of androgens and reduces excess oil. 3 cups a day made a big difference to me but I appreciate a 12 year old may not fancy drinking those teas.

If the skin gets really bad as your dd gets older you should talk to your GP. There are treatments available (let me know if you want more details). I really don't think anyone should have to suffer from bad skin because it CAN be treated and it really can affect self esteem.

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