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Bare legs for October wedding?

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Lj8893 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:02:17

I have a wedding to go to on Sat, I've been so busy and have only just thought about what I'm going to wear. I can't afford to buy anything new.

All the dresses I own won't work with tights, apart from a few but they are black and will look too heavy, wintery and casual with black tights too.

Am thinking a pink lacy (quite heavy lace) shift dress with short sleeves and nude heels.

Or a floaty navy midi dress with orange&cream flowers, navy cardi and nude or cream heels.

Is it acceptable to have bare legs in autumn?! Will I look ridiculous?!

AnotherEmma Mon 19-Oct-15 23:08:55

This is what nude tights are for smile

SwedishEdith Mon 19-Oct-15 23:09:45

Can't you wear nude coloured tights? I'd just be cold with bare legs.

Lj8893 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:12:40

my shoes are peep toe confused

JeffsanArsehole Mon 19-Oct-15 23:14:18

You can get nude tights that work with peep toes in M and S. I had a pair and they were great.

It's too cold for no tights

iknowimcoming Mon 19-Oct-15 23:14:38

I went to a wedding two weeks ago and wore a summery dress and no tights, it was a lovely sunny day but I was FREEZING, my advice would be get some good quality flesh coloured tights, and take a cardi!

Donge13 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:15:16

I had bare legs for a event on Saturday evening,a bit of tan to even them out.i was not the only one with bare legs.

Bunbaker Mon 19-Oct-15 23:15:22

I think you can buy peep toe nude tights. I don't care for the corned beef legs look myself.

Lj8893 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:18:14

Peep toe nude tights sound ideal, I have no idea when I'm going to find the time to get some but will try!

So it will look ok though, having a "nude" leg?

I haven't got a cardi that works with the pink dress I don't think, going to have to a have a play around with what I've got!

SwedishEdith Mon 19-Oct-15 23:20:36

I've worn them for a wedding - they're great but look horrid without your shoes on.

ButtonMoon88 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:20:39

I'm also off to a wedding this weekend and brought some new tights today.

Asos, Uniqlo, M&S are all good for tights, if you order tonight they should arrive by sat

Lj8893 Mon 19-Oct-15 23:27:01

I'd rather brave the cold than pay £3.99 delivery for a pair of £5 tights grin

Those tights look so weird, yet so perfect for what I need!

AnotherEmma Mon 19-Oct-15 23:28:51

I wouldn't order nude tights online - you need to be in the shop to pick the right shade. They look fine when they're the right shade, awful if not!

Bunbaker Tue 20-Oct-15 06:55:32

"So it will look ok though, having a "nude" leg?"

Of course it will. It's only on MN that nude tights are derided.

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