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What boots with skirts/dresses for work for the wide of calf?

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Behooven Mon 19-Oct-15 22:06:13

I don't know whether to go long or ankle (or both)
I'm probably fussy but I don't like Curvissa/Evans/Simply B etc which doesn't leave much choice for fat legs like mine.

I did see these thoughts?

amarmai Mon 19-Oct-15 22:30:43

do you wear curvy clothes that show your waist? Do you have a neat ankle? If yes to those 2 Qs , then a close to the ankle ankle boot will look good with hems just below the widest part of the calf.

PurplePotato Mon 19-Oct-15 22:37:37

Ted and Muffy (used to be Duo Boots) are supposed to be very good and do boots for larger legs.

They are expensive but have great sales, and there's a 25% off for first orders. Watching this thread as I've been wondering whether to get a pair - interested to see if there are other recommendations.

pdxs Tue 20-Oct-15 07:01:05

Gabor do a wider fitting too

Jaeme Tue 20-Oct-15 08:22:41

If you like biker boots then Ugg do some nice styles in ankle and calf lengths, most are quite generous on the width of shaft and have adjustable buckles to make them a bit wider.

Timberland Savin Hill range are also quite good

fieldfare Tue 20-Oct-15 08:52:52

I've got a couple of pairs of long boots from Pavers that are wide in the calf. So much so I went back bought them in black as well as brown.

Ankle boots with a lowish heel look good with thick tights and a skater type fit and flare dress. Well, I like how I look in them!

Behooven Tue 20-Oct-15 17:11:12

Thanks, loads of replies!

I'll have a look at all these suggestions. I do have relatively slim feet and ankles and am a size 5, some wide boots I've tried have been great on the calf but really baggy on the ankle.

travailtotravel Tue 20-Oct-15 17:24:47

I am just wondering what it is about being low heels that makes them particular!y suitable for plus size ladies? Aside from the twatty copyediting, I like those. Simple,will do a couple of years etc...

Behooven Tue 20-Oct-15 19:26:43

Yeah, I noticed that too travail.

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