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Please talk to me about hair.

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Pumapants283 Mon 19-Oct-15 19:45:38

I hate my hair. It does what it wants and it's bloody irritating. It sits just below my shoulder and is thin. I'm at a total loss as to how to style it, I currently have to straighten it every day because it's a huge ball of frizz otherwise, but I'm pretty sure that's not helping! It's always greasy looking too, so I have to use dry shampoo almost every day, and I wear it scraped back in a ponytail a lot but it looks awful. Anyone got any ideas about how I could style it? I'm time poor in the mornings, I need to be out early to get the train to work

StephenKatz Mon 19-Oct-15 21:03:56

Stopping straightening my hair was miraculous in helping it grow - easier said than done I know! I had very fine, greasy hair, and it took a bit of perseverance to 'train' it.

Now I wash it, put frizz ease in, and immediately put it in a French plait whilst wet. It softens as the day goes on and looks quite nice by lunch time. Then day two I don't wash (do use a bit of dry shampoo though) and, because of the plait the day before, it has a bit of volume so good for a bun, or loose and curly (again, looks better as the day goes on because frizz goes away after a couple of hours and nice curls appear).

I only blow dry and straighten once a week now, and the condition has improved massively, I can even wear it loose the next day now, admittedly slicked back with a bit of gel or mousse!

Don't know if that's any use or not, but it's worked as much as it can with me!

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